MGPHOTOGRAPHIC: Blog en-us (C) MGPHOTOGRAPHIC (MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 17 May 2020 19:24:00 GMT Sun, 17 May 2020 19:24:00 GMT MGPHOTOGRAPHIC: Blog 120 80 Nile Rodgers in Concert, 29th September 2018 Huge Fans, we mean Massive fans of the legend that his MR Nile Rodgers, we have had the pleasure of seeing him a couple of times in concert and he never ever fails to disappoint, so having heard through the grape vine that his record company Banquet records were gong to have an album launch for his first new album in 26 years at the Pryzm night club in kingston, we thought that it would be rude not to go along to boggy on down and photograph him with his band.

Wow is the only words we can say!!, just like being transported back to our disco days his new songs and a selection of golden oldies had us all dancing around, believe it not we were so amazed that we went to see him twice!! he really does live up to his reputation as one of the nicest people in the music industry.

Can't wait to see him again!!


DSCF6896DSCF6896 DSCF7342DSCF7342 DSCF7424DSCF7424 DSCF7514DSCF7514 DSCF7534DSCF7534

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Rolling Stones in Concert, Coventry Stadium, 2nd June 2019 Well as some of you know, we don't mess around when it comes to seeing legendary groups in concert!

So with Lionel Richie still ringing in our ears, we jumped into sally the SAAB and sped off to Coventry arena to see the mighty, the amazing, the legendary ROLLING STONES as part of their "no filter tour"

Iconic is sometime a miss use word in this day and age, but it really doesn't do justice to what an amazing band the Rolling Stones are! these gentlemen (who are all in their 70's) showed the world how to preform for a crowd.

For this concert we had Golden Circle tickets right at the very front so we didn't miss out on anything, so Mick and his band of merry men took us all on a musical journey through 60 years of songs which had us singing our hearts out, as a bands singer many have tried to copy Mick Jagger but know one does it better and you can still feel that even after all these years Keith and Ronnie still love playing live and feeling the buzz from the crowd.

After a medley of greatest hits the evening was soundly rounded off with and encore of "Satisfaction".

An evening to remember, a lasting memory!!



DSCF4316DSCF4316 DSCF4397DSCF4397 DSCF4445DSCF4445 DSCF4501DSCF4501 DSCF4518DSCF4518 DSCF4581DSCF4581 DSCF4818DSCF4818

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Lionel Richie in concert, Franklin Gardens, 1st June 2018 "All Night Long, All Night"

This Evening saw us just for a change going to a concert on our doorsteps so to speak, with our evening of entertainment provided by MR Lionel Richie at Franklins Gardens in Northampton.

Our first outdoor concert of the year and we were praying that it didn't rain! 

The concert was kicked of by the mighty dynamo the is Anastacia who was pretty impressive herself before we all settled down for the main course!

Lionel Richie is one of those artist that has such an amazing back catalogue of songs both as himself and with the Commodores you feel that the concert could have gone on much longer that it did, well he took us through the 80's with his greatest hits before diving back into the 70's with some of the Commodores smash hits as well, before bringing the house down with "all night long".

Fair to say that 15-17k people were singing and dancing their way home!! 


DSCF3899DSCF3899 DSCF3961-2DSCF3961-2 DSCF4039DSCF4039 DSCF4048DSCF4048

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Bryan Ferry in Concert, Birmingham Symphony Hall 29th April 2018 Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome to the stage MR BRYAN FERRY!!!!!!!

As some of you my know Gaby views this gentleman as her 2nd Husband! and who can blame her, the legend that is Bryan Ferry 72 years young and still so effortlessly cool!(never seems to age)

The Birmingham Symphony hall is our location for this evening a fittingly grandiose venue for a night of glamour and rock.

We have followed his music over the years and once again were delighted to have the experience of hearing his new songs as well as the classics from his Roxy Music days.

He kicked things off with "don't stop the dance" having been welcomed with loud applause from us all before taking us on a journey back in time dipping into the 5 decades of music at his disposal.

An amazing evening, which we hope to repeat soon!!


DSCF2194DSCF2194 DSCF2332DSCF2332 DSCF2450DSCF2450 DSCF2458DSCF2458 DSCF2473DSCF2473 DSCF2926DSCF2926

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Shustoke Barn, The Wedding of Anne and Justin On a slightly windy and wet day (with fingers crossed that it would stop) we journeyed off to the charming Venue of Shustoke Barn in Warwickshire for the Wedding of Anne and Justin.

We arrived at the Venue first thing where Martin was due to meet Justin and his best man, we also met the very Charming Nadia from Jamjar weddings and events as she was waiting to enter the venue.

Having delivered Martin safe and sound Gaby then sped off to spend the morning with Anne, her bridesmaid and flower girl in the haven of femininity that is the bridal preparations, Gaby was able to make sure that as normal all the details that went into the Wedding day like the dress, shoes, jewellery and perfume where photographed in great details before she made herself invisible in order to capture the hair and makeup.

In the meantime Martin had met Justin and his Best man at the venue, they were making sure that all of the room dressing details were correct and delivering final handmade finishing touches, they then headed off to a nearby hotel for the Grooms preparations, the Best man had kindly whispered in my ear that Anne had arrange a very special gift for Justin that she wanted Martin to photograph as it was handed to him (rest assured that it would be) Which turned out to be an amazing handmade knife which was engraved with so much decoration it would be a shame to ever use. Martin made busy as the gentlemen finished getting dressed by again capture the accessories that they would need to get them through the day His Punisher Cufflinks, rings Aftershave and watches. Martin then made his way to the venue to capture the meet and greets as the guests arrived.

Gaby was keeping herself busy with Anne and the bridesmaids, capturing the final touches before the Bridal party left for the Venue (just time for a quick portrait session with Anne before she left the house).

Anne looked so beautiful as she made her way down the aisle with her father on her arm and Gaby was able to capture Justin’s first look at her (filled with love sums this up), the ceremony was wonderful, highlighted by a beautiful reading from the bridesmaids daughter. Once all complete the Guests went outside the venue to allow Gaby to assemble them for the group shots, Anne and Justin had decided just to have a couple of minutes to themselves before they joined their guests Martin had persuaded them to have one or two picture taken on the upper level of Shustoke Barn which has an amazing Circular window at the back (the light was so diffused it made for some amazing images of them both).

Once Anne and Justin had joined their guests Martin was able to shot from above them to capture the largest group shot first before joining Gaby to mingle with the guests where she was already busy capturing as many natural shots of the guests congratulating the happy Bride and Groom, (along the way we were also ticking off the other groups shots that we had been requested to do). Gaby was also able to wiz around the reception hall to capture as many of the table details and decorations before we then stole Anne and Justin away for romantic shots just outside the venue before delivering them back to their top table just as the meal was due to commence.

Having made sure that we also were fed and watered we returned to them just in time for the speeches, Justin had the crowd eating out of his hands as he made an emotional speech which was filled with love and thankfulness. We then were able to capture the evening guests arriving to much happiness and hugs while the venue staff transformed the reception hall into the dance hall ready for the Cake cutting and the First dance.(we had already sneaked our remote flashes into position for this earlier, so were already to go).

The first dance emotion was capture along with everyone letting their hair down afterwards, party on we always say!

Anne and Justin kindly agreed that they would join us outside for some long exposure tripod images of them in front of the venue with some sparklers and we were then able to us the special feature that the venue has of a line of trees strung with lights to finish the evening off with some low light hi iso romantic images of the two of them before we wished them goodnight and meandered off home.

We wish them both a love never ending!

MC1_3063MC1_3063 MJC_1019MJC_1019 MJC_1404MJC_1404

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Walton Hall, The Wedding of Amy and Di, 6th April 2018 Today saw us meandering through the leafy lanes of Warwickshire towards Walton hall for the Wedding of Amy and Di.

We had first met this lovely couple at the Edward lewis wedding fayre at Walton Hall, (with a string quartet playing an accompaniment  in the back ground) and had such a wonderful feeling about this couple, they were so warm and loving that we knew straight away that we wanted to be a part of their forthcoming wedding day.

We spent the morning with each bride as they prepared for the day ahead, Gaby spent her morning thinking up ever more creative ideas for locations for the photos of the dress and all of the details that make the day, Martin kept his side entertained with witty banter to ease any nerves (while taking one or two pictures as well).

The wonderful brides once they had made themselves even more  beautiful than they were to start off with, had chosen to have and American style reveal/ first look on the stairs which we have to say was both beautiful and very emotional (one or two tears were shed by us both) before they made their way to ceremony room. Martin had already gone on ahead to capture the guests as they seated themselves, such a great time to capture natural documentary style images of the meeting and greeting.

The Brides making their entrance into the ceremony room, gliding underneath the line of spectacular chandeliers that adorn the ceiling at Walton hall made for some beautiful images (because we always position ourselves with one of us at the front and one at the back, we are able to capture the joy on the Brides faces when they see all their friends and family and also the guests joyful looks at them). The Ceremony was made all the more emotion with two speeches from friends who brought tears to the eyes of all present.

Ceremony complete we always give the couple plenty of time for congratulations from their guests, which again allows us time to mingle and capture natural images before we move on to the requested group shots, thankfully the weather was glorious so we were able to head outside and use the magnificent hall us a back drop (did we mention that we love shooting weddings here!).

Group shots complete we were able to spend time with Amy and Di capturing some more romantic style images around the hall, making full use of the wonderful architectural arches they have there before escorting them back to their guests, (we then quickly made ourselves bust photographing the table details which very much reflected the brides love of games, Including a trivial pursuit themed cake!) make sure that we then photographed their grand entrance into the reception hall, with all the guest cheering and clapping them in.

We then retired to rest and refuel, (having some time to quickly check our images so far on the back of our cameras we were delighted with what we saw). We then made our way back to the hall to get ourselves into position for speeches (a part of the day that we always enjoy as there is always so many things going on around us, thankfully with us both in position we can capture both the speaker and the guests reaction to the speeches) the speeches included a small look back through the photo albums of the bride as they were growing up with made for some hilarity to say the least.

As the speeches were happening unknown to one of the brides a surprise was being prepared in the main hall, where a massed choir were assembling to sing their congratulations to her (we had been made aware of this surprise so were able to make sure that we were both in position to get the combined looks of surprise and joy from all). We then had a small window of opportunity in which to take the wonderful couple outside once more for some more romantic images of them both at dusk  with our off camera flashes before making sure that they were back to greet their evening guests.

As we mingled with the guests, imagine our surprise when we heard that a Barn owl had been spotted outside the hall, needless to say that we had to capture an image of this as well!, we then moved swiftly on to the cutting of the amazing Trivial Pursuit themed wedding cake before seamlessly flowing into the first dance (we were able to combine our use of off camera flashes with natural ambient light to capture all the colours as the couple danced around), they then invited all their guests to join them as they got on down on the dance floor (apparently there is nothing like a Sclub party to which we heartily agree).

This wonderful and beautiful day was then rounded off by fireworks at the back of the hall, which once more we were able to capture with a combination of long exposure shots to capture the firework bursts and flash (who doesn’t love fireworks!!), before we made our way back home.

We wish you both a life time of happiness and love!


GAB_9341GAB_9341 MC1_2276MC1_2276 MC1_2358MC1_2358

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East Carlton Park, pre wedding shoot Claire and Martin East Carlton Park, pre wedding shoot Claire and Martin

We had the pleasure of meeting Claire and Martin at Sedgebrook Hall’s winter wedding fayre and straight away knew that we were going to enjoy seeing them again and photographing their wedding day at Sedgebrook in the summer.

We had arranged their pre wedding shoot for early February but the rain Gods decided that the day we had chosen was their day and not ours (heavy rain stopped play) so we had to rearrange for early March.

Luckily, on the day, the rain stopped before we met them and we journeyed off to locate the bench that Martin had proposed to Claire on. Stopping along the way for one or two images of them together (as it was still very muddy underfoot we can’t thank them enough for doing this) before we headed back to the café for well-deserved coffees and hot chocolate all round.

We then were able to go through the wedding day with them in more detail, discovering that their big day had a surprise theme to it which will be so much fun to photograph.

Thank you both very much for being such good sports and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


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Birmingham Botanical Gardens, pre wedding shoot Anne and Justin Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the pre wedding shoot of Anne and Justin

We had originally arranged to photograph Anne and Justin’s pre wedding shoot at Licky Hills Country Park which was a short distance from where they live. Sadly, on the day, it was hammering it down with rain. They were kind enough to rearrange the date for us and came up with the wonderful location of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which turned out to be an inspired idea. Not only was the location beautiful but the day was one of the crisp, sunny winter days that we get so rarely in this country.

Meeting them at the entrance, we quickly got on with the shoot, not wanting to miss a moment of the glorious sunshine. Once the nerves for all of us had calmed down, we found that Anne and Justin were very relaxed and loving with each other, which made for some romantic pictures as we wandered around the grounds, dashing from the greenhouse to the bandstand and then to the aviary, before we took the woodland walk and found some colourful peacocks just to round things off before we returned to the café for a much needed cup of tea.

We then had ample time to discuss the final details of their day, learning more about them as a couple and their families.Very much looking forward to the big day.

08_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201808_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 24_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201824_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 33_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201833_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 40_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201840_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 42_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201842_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 49_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201849_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 57_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201857_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 68_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201868_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018

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Kettering Park Hotel, The Wedding of Libby and Peter, 30th December 2017 Merry Christmas one and all!

Having eaten and drank our selves merry over Christmas today saw us preparing for the wedding of Libby and Peter at the Kettering Park Hotel,

We had first met Libby and Peter at the Highgate house Wedding Fayre and from the very start we wanted to be part of their big day, they only wished for a shorter coverage than which we provide.( we don't as a rule do this but we so much wanted to photograph their wedding as they were such a lovely couple) so we came to an agreement.

Slightly shorter day for us as the bride and groom hadn't wished to have their preparations covered, so we journeyed off to Kettering Park Hotel to capture them and their Guests arriving before the ceremony, as Martin mingled and made sure he had captured lots of greetings, hugging and laughter, Gaby worked her magic in capturing the reception room from multiple angles and using her macro lens to make sure she had photographed all the small details. before she made sure to be at the front entrance to photograph Libby's arrival in a beautiful Vintage Rolls Royce! Libby herself was also looking elegant and beautiful 

We then regrouped for the ceremony itself and to say that Peters first look was a picture he looked like the luckiest man alive! ceremony complete and having given Libby and Peter time to be congratulated by their guests we took them for a quick spin back to the front entrance for some romantic photos with the Rolls Royce and the fireplace at the front of the hotel before making sure to get them back for the evening meal.

We returned in time for the speeches which were started by Libby's son who was looking very dapper in his kilt! having made sure that we captured the speeches and toasts, we then busied ourselves getting as many small groups shots of their family and friends before finishing the evening of with one or two images of them both together

we wish you both a love never ending! 


286_LIBBY_PETER_W30122017286_LIBBY_PETER_W30122017 477_LIBBY_PETER_W30122017477_LIBBY_PETER_W30122017 482_LIBBY_PETER_W30122017482_LIBBY_PETER_W30122017

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Phil Collins in concert, Genting Arena Biringham , 3rd December 2017 Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls would you please put your hands together for the legend that is Mr Phil Collins!!!!

To say that we had been looking forward to this concert all year would have to be an understatement, Phil Collins at the Genting arena in Birmingham as part of his "Not dead Yet Tour", we had followed his life avidly and loved his music and films so as we waited with anticipation it was with tears in our eyes as we watched the band assemble on stage and then we were heart broken to watch Phil Collins slowly make his way up onto the stage looking very fragile and using a stick to walk as he sat down center stage.

Thankfully, his wit and charm hadn't been lost and as he greeted us with the words that he had missed us and although he had had a back operation and that his foot was f**ked  it wasn't going to stop us having fun! we knew that we were in for a great time!

The evening then ran through a selection of his greatest hits including a moving duet with his Son Nicholas who plays the drums in the band before we ended the evening with "Take me home".

It would be a dream come true to see him again, hopefully looking better.


DSCF0641DSCF0641 DSCF0505DSCF0505 DSCF0584DSCF0584 DSCF0684DSCF0684 DSCF0899DSCF0899

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Chris Rea in Concert, Birmingham Symphony Hall, 29th November 2017 Ladies and Gentlemen, please put our hands together for MR CHRIS REA!!!!

We had the pleasure this evening of going to see the huge talent that is Mr Chris Rea in concert at the Birmingham Symphony Hall 

what an amazing concert it was too, astonishing to believe that with all that Chris Rea has been through health wise he can still put on such an amazing performance, it was a privilege to see him perform and to look so well.

we spent the night rocking away to all his classics and his new songs from his latest album before bringing the house down with "lets dance"

DSCF0268DSCF0268 DSCF0272DSCF0272 DSCF0290DSCF0290 DSCF0301DSCF0301 DSCF0350DSCF0350

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Normanton Church, Long exposure night time shot, 11th November 2017 Normanton church is such a beautiful building, and as we were still on a photographic high from Chloe and Marcus's wedding day we could resist take one or two nigh time long exposure photos before we went home.

amazing to see what the camera captures when the shutter is open for approx 30 seconds just sitting on its tripod soaking up light. as these slow speeds the movement in the water is recorded as a blur and we really think that this adds a ethereal beauty to the image.

Good Night everyone.


MC1_5267MC1_5267 MC1_5269MC1_5269

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Normanton Park Hotel, The Wedding of Chloe and Marcus, 11th November 2017 To say that we have been so lucky with the weather this year is an understatement, 11th November and the sun is shinning (cold but sunny) for the wedding of Chloe and Marcus at Ketton church and then on to the wonderful location of Normanton Park Hotel for the reception.

We had met Chloe at the Bridge Hotel in Thrapston wedding fayre and you could say that we hit it off right from the start (it felt like we were old friends who hadn't seen each other for a while), we then met up with Chloe and Marcus to run through our services which again just felt so right we couldn't wait for the wedding day itself.

The day started with us speeding of to Peterborough for Chloe and her ladies hair and makeup at the multi award winning Burghley Academy where Emma and Alexa  worked their magic to make Chloe, her Bridesmaids and her Mum look even more wonderful once completed they all returned to the family home to finish off the bridal prep, giving Gaby time to get creative with the photos of the Dress and all the details that go into the wedding day, shoes, perfume, jewelry Etc.

Meanwhile Martin was busy capturing Marcus and his Grooms men getting ready for the day ahead (3 piece tweed suits really fitted in with the time of year and looked fantastic!) one of the many highlights were a very thoughtful present basket provide by Chloe with all the essentials that Marcus would need for the day, including Captain America cufflinks and tissues!. once all suited and booted so to speak it was off to the Church via a small local Public house to met and greet the Guests.

Gaby was at the same time just finishing off her feminine side of the day for the journey to the church also, the Bridal car suited the couple perfectly, a split screen VW camper (we always say that it is the Bride and Grooms day and their style and personality should show through).

Sadly for us the Vicar wouldn't let us take pictures during the ceremony, so instead of of normal coverage where one of us is standing at the front and one at the back in order to capture both the bride and grooms first look we had to stay just at the back of the church. we were still able to capture Chloe's arrival and also Marcus's first look at her and their first walk together down the aisle as Husband and Wife!, we then just had time for a small selection of Group photos before the cold weather got to us all and we beat a hasty retreat back to Normanton Hotel for the reception.

Having been greeted by their waiting guests, (allowing us to capture as many natural photos as we could) Chloe, Marcus and the whole of the Bridal party allowed us to take them to the nearby Normanton Church for some more dramatic,creative and romantic photos around the Church itself (we can't thank them enough for this, sun was setting and by now it was getting very cold! you guys were rock stars!) once finished we made sure we got them safely back in time for the evening meal.

Having refueled ourselves with a superb meal provided for us by Chloe and Marcus (for which we thank them very much as we normally don't insist on the Bride and Groom feeding us as they have already paid us enough to photograph them), the food here is fantastic and we can't recommend it enough. we then returned to the reception room in time to capture the speeches, we always aim to capture as much of the speaker as well as the crowd on these occasions and love to document the genuine emotions that occur.

We then moved onto the first dance which also included a emotional Father and Daughter dance before stepping seamlessly into the cutting of the cake (which again reflected the Brides elegance as well as Marcus's love of the world of Marvel comics), the evening was then finished by each and everyone letting their hair down and getting on the dance floor!.

we thank you all so very much for allowing us to play a small part in your big day and wish you both a love ever lasting!



GAB_4440GAB_4440 MC1_4903MC1_4903 GAB_4582GAB_4582 GAB_4603GAB_4603 GC1_6781GC1_6781 MC1_4846MC1_4846 MC1_5222MC1_5222

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Kettering Park Hotel, The wedding of Kelly and Martin, 21st October 2017 Another wonderful day for a Wedding!, today we have the pleasure of playing a small part in Martin and Kelly's wedding at Irchester church and Kettering Park Hotel and Storm Brian is not going to stop us!

We had first met Kelly and Martin at the Sedgebrook Hall wedding fayre and we both felt that they were such a wonderful couple we just had to be part of their wedding day (the act that Martin also came from the same area that Martin did also helped!).

Gaby spent the morning with Kelly at Kettering Park Hotel, as her Bridesmaids and Mum had their Hair and Makeup done, Kelly looked so Beautiful. Gaby is always wonderful in these situations as she is able to not only to capture the preparations but is always on hand to offer assistance and advice if needed.

Martin was able to spend the morning with Martin at the family home as he and his Grooms men prepared for the day ahead (including a ride to the church in a rather sporty little number his best man had). the preparations on both sides all went as plan with some romantic gifts for both the bride and groom.

With the Groom and his band of merry men safely arrived, we were able to arrange some groups shot and solo pictures of the men before they entered the church. we had been advised in advance that we would not be allowed to take photos inside the church during the ceremony so all that was left for us to do was to await the arrival of the Bride and her father in a elegant vintage Rolls Royce.

Ceremony complete we then had a small window of time to assemble everyone for group shots and then then confetti shot (one of our highlights of the day) before heading of to Kettering Park Hotel for the reception.

On arrival at the Hotel, we as always quickly grabbed the Bride and Groom(and of course the beautiful car) for some romantic photos before they went in to greet their guests, champagne flowing and canapes ago go, as Martin mingled with the guests Gaby worked her magic on capturing the room settings and decorations including the always spectacular wedding cake for the genius that is Hockley cakes once completed we took our leave, to refuel ourselves and await the speeches.

The speeches went well with lots of laughter and one or two tears and much hugging! at this part of the evening when ever possible we love to take the Bride and Groom off for some more romantic shots in and around the venue, lucky for us that Kettering Park has so many different areas to photograph in. we then escorted  them back to their guests as we once again mingled waiting for the evening guests to arrive.

The evening was completed, (once we had set up our lights) with the first dance (we always endeavor to capture both a natural light and also illuminate the Bride and Groom with remote flashguns, which makes for some interesting effects). all that remained was for everyone to jump onto the dance floor for lots of getting on down!


we wish you both a love never ending!



MC1_3752MC1_3752 MJC_8060MJC_8060 GAB_3843GAB_3843 MC1_3815MC1_3815 MJC_8115MJC_8115 MC1_4122MC1_4122

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Drayton Manor, The Wedding of Sian and Nathan, 23rd September 2017  

Today we sped off to the wedding of Sian and Nathan (we had been looking forward to this wedding very much, as the couple were such fun and had chosen a venue that reflected that sense of fun).

Drayton Manor was the perfect choice for this wedding, and pink was very much the colour of the day (including
Pink sunglasses), we started the day with Sian as her bridesmaids and mother photographing their Hair and makeup before Martin left to photograph the Groom and his band of merry men(lots of practising of the infamous Loughborough lunge).

Martin then had the opportunity to mingle with the guests as they arrived for the wedding itself, capturing all the love and laughter as they congratulated the Groom on his forthcoming day of pleasure! while Gaby was able to capture the elegance of the Bride and her Bridemaids with one or two pose portraits before the made their way to the ceremony room.

Ceremony complete Sian and Nathan then commenced their walk down the aisle as Husband and Wife suitable attired with Pink Sunglasses! we then were able to mingle with the guest capturing the natural moments that make up a wedding day, before moving on to the short list of groups photos we had been supplied with.

now came the moment that we had been waiting for! Drayton Manor as part of their wedding package include the ability to have photos in the amusement pack (we thought that it would be rude not too). we can thank Sian and Nathan enough for giving us time to capture some fun and romantic photos in and around the park (only 1 note of caution, that photographing while going backwards on a carousal make you feel most unusual).

On returning to the venue, Gaby then whizzed around the reception room making sure that we hadn't missed each and every detail that had gone into the day including the amzaing seating plan that Nathans brother had made.

Leaving them all to enjoy their meals, we then retired to a quite place to refuel and relax before joining them just before the speeches got under way, the one thing that we always love to capture is the person giving the speech followed by the reactions from the Bride and Groom and the guests!

After the speeches we were able to steal Sian,Nathan and the bridal party away for one or two more groups photos around the bar and grounds of the Hotel (as you can see the Ladies proved once again who rules the world!).

the evening then finished with a very special exotic mix of dancing and Partying. We thank you both and wish you all the love in the world!





GC1_4821GC1_4821 MJC_6857MJC_6857

MC1_2303MC1_2303 GC1_4853GC1_4853 MJC_6874MJC_6874 GC1_5045GC1_5045

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Dodmoor House, The Wedding of Jacqui and Kendal, 9th September 2017 Today saw us having the honour of photographing the wedding of Jacqui and Kendal, at Dodmoor House,

With mixed weather forecast we set off to our locations, Gaby to Dodmoor house for the Bridal prep and myself to their family home for the men, Kendal was assisted by his brother and nephew preparation was carried out with military precision, even the dance tracks were compiled and sorted as Kendal’s brother was on DJ duties later, Gaby spent the morning in a sea of femininity as usual as Jacqui prepared in the beautiful bridal suit at Dodmoor along with her bridesmaids, brother and mum and dad.

When the grooms party arrived at the venue we were treated to a brief downpour much to our surprise this didn’t last long or seem to have any effect on the high spirits of the day, as the guest from all around the country arrived and seated themselves we all made ready for the bridal entrance from across the courtyard.

Jacqui looked delightful and Kendal looked like the luckiest man in the world as the ceremony commenced they were surrounded by so many smiles and love; once the civil ceremony was complete they also had a blessing from their own reverend which completed the occasion very well.

The courtyard made for the prefect location for our groups shots before we moved on to our favourite part of the day i.e.: the hugging and kissing congratulation part! We then were able to steal Jacqui and Kendal away for a small shot in front of Dodmoor house itself, they have a lovely avenue of apple trees, which make an excellent lead in line to the house and the bride and groom. Once we had completed this we returned the bride and groom to their guests as the meals were just about to be served (we had been requested to photograph the courses  of the meal before they were brought out so we put our food photography hats on and snapped away).

We returned in time for the speeches, some wonderful words of advice to Kendal to make sure that Jacqui is treated like a queen for the rest of their married life (as if there was any doubt that she would be) also just for balance a wonderful speech from Kendal’s daughter who remained everyone how much love she and her sisters have for their dad, following the cutting of the cake and romantic first dance we all indulged in a night of Caribbean music and dancing!

Thank you both and we wish for a love never ending!


GAB_0923GAB_0923 MC1_0848MC1_0848 MJC_5730MJC_5730 MJC_5744MJC_5744 MJC_5746MJC_5746 MC1_1119MC1_1119

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St Andrews Church Chinnor, The Wedding of Natalie and Greg, 2nd Sept 2017 Today saw us having the honour of photographing the wedding of Natalie and Greg, at St Andrews church in Chinnor,

Yet again our prayers had been answered with sunshine very much being the order of the day.

We had prepared and braced ourselves for this wedding as it was going to be big (over 200 guests, 10 bridesmaids and 10 groom’s men).

Gaby and I started the day at Natalie’s parents’ house which was full of emotion surprises and tears of joy including a special surprise from Greg that made everyone laugh out loud and jewellery for the day, we both photographed the hair and makeup as the ladies made themselves even more beautiful, before Martin set of for the short journey to the men’s side of the day at Natalie’s and Greg’s house were Natalie had arranged a selection of surprises for Greg also (Martin also closed his eyes for a calendar boys shot in the back garden).

Natalie and the ladies once ready made the journey to the church, Natalie travelled by a classic horse drawn carriage with her father by her side looking very regal and beautiful, having photographed the arrivals before they entered the church we then positioned ourselves at the rear of the aisle (sadly the Vicar wouldn’t allow us any further) where we were able to capture Greg’s first look at Natalie as she made her journey to the alter and of course their departure as Man and Wife, we then replicated on or two shots similar to Natalie’s parents who had also married in the same church before setting off to the venue.

The Venue itself was an amazingly large Marque in one of the family’s meadows complete with chandeliers and all you would require for a truly wonderful day, after the guests had congratulated both Natalie and Greg, we were taken to a glade surrounding a small lake for the group photos, with a list in the hands of ourselves and one the hands of each of the groomsman we worked our way methodically trough them completing all of them in about an hour(we can’t help the groomsman and everyone else that helped us with this enough) before returning to the marquee for the wedding meal (as we retired to our car to relax and rehydrate).

Once we were refreshed the Bestman kindly found us to advise that the speeches would start shortly (we were aware of this but it was a kind thought), the speeches were a delight filled with emotion and laughter (and some handy gifts for the groom) just what we like!, we were then able to take just the Bride and Groom off for some romantic shots just as the sun was setting making sure that we got them both back for cake cutting and what we had been told was going to be a choreographed flash mob style first dance. Fantastic is the only way to describe it, what a production the first dance turned out to be with all the groomsman and bridesmaids involved running through a medley of songs.

We then carried on with our usual documental style of shooting capturing the wonderful dance of Natalie and her father, and everyone else enjoying themselves to the full, before the evening was rounded of by a spectacular firework display!

Thank you both and we wish for a love never ending!

MC1_9716MC1_9716 MC1_9736MC1_9736 MC1_9897MC1_9897 GAB_0300GAB_0300 GAB_0326GAB_0326 GC1_3005GC1_3005 MC1_0094MC1_0094 MC1_0128MC1_0128 GC1_3449GC1_3449

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The Woodlands Hothorpe Hall, The Wedding of Angela and Gary, 31st August 2017 Today saw us having the privilege of photographing the wedding of Angela and Gary, at the wonderful location of the woodlands at Holthorpe hall.

We had met Angela and Gary at Sedgebrook Halls wedding fair and knew right away that with so many share interest’s  (including a fascination with Venice) that we would love to play a part in their special day, as we had already shot their pre wedding in and around venue we already had plenty of ideas in mind weather permitting.

Gaby started the day with the ladies at Woodlands capturing the fun and laughter as Anna Sawer from Barton Sawer hair and make and Rani from Beauty by Rani completed their beautiful look for the day (they all looked stunning!), Martin had the shorter part of the day as the gentleman prepared at the family home (hair and makeup took slightly less time as you can imagine but the top hats made up for this) before setting off the venue.

The weather gods had played nice today as the whole of the venue basked in golden sunshine, the Bride and Groom had hired a large picture frame to photograph the guests of the day in, so Martin set about enticing the arrivals in to place before the ceremony.

Following the emotional civil ceremony the Bride, Groom and Guests were led down to a beautiful glade where an additional outdoors ceremony also took place which mad for some interesting images of the light diffusing through the surrounding trees, we then made the short journey back to the grounds surrounding the ceremony room for a large groups shots with 2 confetti canons provided by the venue!, we then broke the party down into smaller groups shots before taking the bride and groom away for a short romantic session around the grounds of the hall itself.

Following the meal we re-joined the party for the speeches which were made all the more emotional by the video wishes from Angela’s family in South Africa and a personal congratulation from the South African rock band the Parlotones!, then on to the cake cutting (the cake was topped by models of Gary spinning the decks and Angela covering her ears!) and the first dance, we rounded of the day by Angela and Gary making crepes under the watchful eyes of Chris Hill from Vive La Crepe (we think that Angela won that one!).

Thank you both and we wish for a love never ending!

MJC_3465MJC_3465 GAB_8248GAB_8248 MC1_8821MC1_8821 GAB_8349GAB_8349 MC1_8828MC1_8828 MJC_3549MJC_3549 MC1_8864MC1_8864 GC1_1967GC1_1967 MC1_9055MC1_9055 MC1_9168MC1_9168

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Norton Church, The Wedding of Jo and Tom, 26th August 2017 Today saw us whizzing off to Norton to photograph the wedding of Jo and Tom, since meeting them at the High Gate House wedding fayre we just knew that they were going to be such a lovely couple to photograph with their love of animals and the great outdoors, this was further reinforced when they decided to choose their narrowboat on a canal trip for the location of their pre wedding shoot(despite martin being a little bit of a coward when it comes to boats we had a great time).

So the day of their wedding arrive with a glorious August day, Gaby spent the morning with the girls as they made themselves ready, capturing every detail of the dress and accessories and flowers which matched the rainbow colour theme of the day at the same time and also had the time to capture individual portraits of the bride, brides maids and Jo’s dog before setting out to arrive at the church.

 Martin spent the morning with the chaps at Tom’s family home (Tom’s mum had prepared the most amazing hearty breakfast to see them through to the reception), capturing the suiting and booting of the men before also taking portraits of them all, luckily enough the church had a public house within walking distance, so we all journeyed off there to meet the guests as they arrived before walking over to the church.

Jo’s mum lived just down the road from the church so Gaby walked over with them also which made for some relaxed and informal shots before the grand entrance at the church itself, Jo looked amazing as she made her way up the aisle and the service was very relaxed and joyful. We lucky enough that the church had a raised balcony and were able to ask Jo and Tom to pause as the made their way back up the aisle as husband and wife so we could photograph them surrounded by all their guests before taking them all outside for a line confetti shot and as the sun illuminated the whole church we stepped back to capture their guests congratulating them.

Once we had then photographed Jo and Tom’s requested group shots we had time for some romantic pictures of them with the church in the background before we took the short walk to the field next to the church for the marquee reception (decked out in a festival style complete with bouncy castle, face painting and a rope walk) leaving them to enjoy the wonderful meal and drinks.

Re-joining them for the speeches (as one of Tom ‘ushers was a stand-up comedian everyone was on the edge of their seats as to what he would say)all went well and as per normal we snuck the happy couple away for one or two romantic shoots of them against the setting sun.

Last but not least we returned for the cake cutting and first dance, Jo had by this stage changed into her dancing dress and light up dancing shoes and Tom’s was looking much more at home in flip flops and shorts. We wish them all the love in the world

GAB_7209GAB_7209 MJC_2770MJC_2770 MC1_8029MC1_8029 MC1_8163MC1_8163 MC1_8174MC1_8174 MC1_8197MC1_8197

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Chantel Mcgregor in Concert, Nuneaton, 19th August 2017 Today saw us taking a well earned rest by visiting the wonderful city of Nuneaton for an evening of entertainment with the amazing talent that is Chantel McGregor, we had first seen her when she was the support act for Marillion and were blown away with what a fantastic Guitarist she was, is anything she is just getting better and better not only with her own songs but covers of Jimi hendrix and many many more.



DSCF0003DSCF0003 DSCF0072DSCF0072 DSCF9775DSCF9775 DSCF9812DSCF9812

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Chantel McGregor concert Concert photography Sat, 19 Aug 2017 09:00:00 GMT
Rockingham Castle, The Wedding of Jo and James, 12th August 2017 This morning saw us speeding of to Rockingham Castle for the wedding of Jo and James, we had already had the pleasure of visiting the castle and grounds when we had shot their pre wedding session, so we already had one or two locations in mind for group shots and romantic images of them around the grounds, to say that we were looking forward to this wedding would be an understatement!

we stated the day both in the same location as the main wedding party had spent the night together in one of the recommended B+B, (such a great idea) so while Gaby spent the morning capturing Jo and her bridesmaids, I had the pleasure of photographing James and his brother in law (who had flown in from Australia to attend the wedding) as they went about they own preparations once both parties were complete and the short journey up the hill was completed.

As the guests arrived they were seated in the medieval great hall surrounded by painting and artifacts that date back to 1200,once the service was completed the guests were lead out through the ornate panel room and onto the lawn terrace for canapes and drinks, the light was amazing, so were able to mingle around the guests capturing the joy,love and laughter of the day.we then made our way to the cross and the rose gardens for groups shots before returning the party back to the Great hall for their meals.

Having refueled ourselves we rejoined the party for the speeches (so much emotion to capture in such a wonderful setting), we were then given the option to take James and Jo upstairs to the long room for some more shots of them together with their daughter (we can't thank the staff at Rockingham enough for this). James and Jo were also kind enough to allow us to walk with them around the grounds and gardens which allowed us to capture some romantic images of them as the setting sun cast a golden hue over the castle.

Returning back to the marquee just as their evening guests started to arrive we were then treated to a excellent display of dancing by all before the first dance, we again have to thank James and Jo for allowing us one final shot of them both kissing in front of the castle gates just to finish of the evening.



MJC_2074MJC_2074 MJC_2053MJC_2053 MJC_2072MJC_2072 MC1_7273MC1_7273

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Bedford Swan Hotel,The Wedding of Denis and Juliana, 5th August 2017 Today we were up bright and early for the wedding of Denis and Juliana at The Bedford Swan Hotel, after yesterdays wedding the weather had decided to take a turn for the worse drizzling all morning before really chucking it down just before the Groom and best man were due to leave the hotel of the registry office, all of a sudden the rain stopped and glorious sunshine streamed down on us as we left the hotel for the short walk across to the registry office, Gaby sadly didn't have the luxury of sitting in a warm cosy hotel and got a little wet to say the least whilst journeying around with the bride and er mother who had flown in from Brazil for the wedding.

The Groom and Bestman were joined at the registry office doors by guests that they had worked with in the oil industry from all around the world, the arrival of the bride looking beautiful in a classic wedding car started the service which was conducted with a wonderful mixture of love and fun which really summed these two up before we retired back to the Swan hotel for Group shots with the car (the driver we cant thank enough for his skillful positioning of the car on slightly wet grass).

once completed we wandered back to enjoy a relaxed meal and emotional speeches, the love that these two have is amazing and we could tell from the very first meeting that it will last a long time.


MC1_5954MC1_5954 GAB_4939GAB_4939

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 05 Aug 2017 10:30:00 GMT
Newstead Abbey, The Wedding of Katie and Simon, 4th August 2017 Today saw us speeding off in the old jalopy up to the ancestral home of Lord Byron, Newstead Abbey for the Wedding of Katie and Simon.

Katie was lucky enough to live in beautiful house in the the grounds of Newstead Abbey which had the added benefit of wandering peacocks (whose colorful plumage were to provide the colour theme of the day!).

We were blessed again by wonderful summer weather and a very photogenic couple. Katie, her bridesmaids and flower girl all had their hair and make up done at her parents home before they made the journey across to the Abbey,whilst Simon and his groomsmen attired themselves at their home before a small glass of liquid at the local watering hole.

As all their guests arrived with Simon and his cohorts ready and waiting to greet them, Katie was making her journey setting off in a fairy tale Cinderella carriage. The ceremony was carried out in the charming compact and richly decorated chapel.

As Katie and Simon went off for a little drive around the abbey ground their guests walked across to the family home to enjoy canapes and drinks on the lawn accompanied by a string duo.

Following the meal and speeches we were able to persuade Katie and Simon to take a small wander with us back towards the Abbey and lake for some romantic pictures on the golden evening light.

Just to round of the wonderful day what more could you ask for but a breathtaking firework display.


414_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017414_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017 457_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017457_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017 827_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017827_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017

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The Bridge Hotel, Thrapston, The Wedding of Fiona and Nick, 1st July 2017 Today saw us attending the Wedding of Fiona and Nick at St Peters Church, Irthlingborough. we had known Fiona and Nick as friends for many years and they are two of the loveliest people that you could ever wish meet meet and had been through a lot over the years, we were honored to be asked to photograph they big day.

Luck was on our side once again as the sun shone down on us yet again(in England, in the summertime!), Fiona and her bridesmaids looked beautiful and Nick scrubbed up well also!

We were able to capture all the tears and laughter inside (great songs- it must be love love love is still ringing in our heads and great singing from a acoustic set by their children) and outside the church before departing to the Bridge hotel for the evening reception.


you are both blessed with a wealth of friends and we wish you all the love in the world.

GAB_1443GAB_1443 MC1_3561MC1_3561 MC1_3574MC1_3574

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 30 Jun 2017 23:15:00 GMT
Kilworth House, The Wedding of Frances and Mark, 24th June 2017 Today we had the pleasure of attending the Wedding dinner of France and Mark at the wonderful Kilworth House, this was a slightly different day for us as Frances and Mark had already married in Italy earlier in the month but were having a celebratory dinner for the guests and family that were unable to attend the wedding itself.

We were blessed with a warm summer's day that really brought a smile to every ones face, We were able to just bland in to the back ground and capture the love and laughter of the day and also able to capture one or two group shots on the outside stairs which really capture the impressive hotel in the back ground.

Through the whole day we really got the impression that these two were made for each other wishing you both many happy years together. MJC_7774MJC_7774

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 24 Jun 2017 10:15:00 GMT
Plum Park Farm, The Wedding of Chloe and Jamie, 3rd June 2017 The month of June saw us attending the Summer wedding of Chloe and Jamie at St James the Great church in Paulerspury and the on to Plum Park Farm for their reception.

Chloe looked very elegant in her lace wedding dress from Silver Sixpence Bridal and really set the standard for the day. Her and her bridesmaids beauty was further enhanced by Kerstie  from Kirstie Ann Hair and Make up.

The Groom and his Groomsman had spent the morning adding the finishing touches to the Marquee and were soon suited,booted and ready to go, Jamie and his Bestman making the journey in a vintage MG roadster provided by a family friend.

The ceremony at the Church was beautiful and Chloe and Jamie were surrounded by so many friends and family all waiting to congratulate their love for each other, they then set of on their journey to Plum park farm in a vintage split screen VW camper van.

Drinks and canapes consumed we then set about the group shots starting with a group shot of everyone and then working down to just romantic shots of Chloe and Jamie before they made their entrance and settled down for the all important meals and speeches.

We then managed to steal Chloe and Jamie away for some more romantic picture of just the two of them in and around the gardens before returning them for the arrival of their evening guests and to join in the games around the marquee, lawn games and laser clay pigeon shooting for those inclined(which made for some interesting pictures), as the golden sun set we were able to persuade Chloe and Jamie to allow us one  more shot of them embracing with the setting sun behind them.

Morning suits provided by- Formal Tailoring Ltd

Flowers provided by - Judy Webb Florist

Marquee provided by - Eclipse Marquee Hire

Catering provided by - Clark Catering 

GAB_9858GAB_9858 MC1_2309MC1_2309 MC1_2305MC1_2305 MC1_2409MC1_2409

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 03 Jun 2017 09:45:00 GMT
Toseland in Concert, Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes, 13th April 2017  

We had the pleasure of attending the most excellent Toseland in concert at the Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes. As sports photographers for many years we had followed James Toseland as we went on to become double World Super bikes champion and we are sure like everyone else we were amazed by his performance playing the piano at the sports personality of the year show (talented guy we thought) we also were also delighted to hear that he married the beautiful Katie Melua and had formed his own band with her brother and they were touring the UK, off to sunny Milton Keynes we went.

What an incredible evening you guys were great!! DSCF7249DSCF7249 DSCF7328DSCF7328 DSCF7380DSCF7380 DSCF7425DSCF7425 DSCF8802DSCF8802

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 13 Apr 2017 10:15:00 GMT
Holiday Inn Rugby The Wedding of Sarah and Chris, 18th March 2017 Today saw us back into the swing of Weddings, with our first wedding of the year. Sarah and Chris were the brother and sister in law of the bride Sarah that we had photographed only in December 2016, so we were really excited to see the family again.

Sarah and Chris both had a shared passion for Rock music, Harry Potter, the Lord of the rings and Star Wars and they had made so many references to this in their wedding decor, they had also proved that what ever the weather threw at them they were unstoppable (as the pre wedding shoot proved as we all got soaked to the skin).


Sarah looked stunning in her lace dress from Stunning Bridal with and very intricate head band and Chris looked very dapper also, despite the weather looking ominous the rain stayed away and we were able to persuade Sarah and Chris outside for one or two romantic shots around the hotel combining their love of Star Wars and the season.

We thank you both for being so lovely to us and wish you all the love in the world!

GAB_6317GAB_6317 GC1_6851GC1_6851 MC1_9886MC1_9886 MC1_0023MC1_0023



(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 18 Mar 2017 10:15:00 GMT
Venice look back, 1 st March 2017 Looking back through the images from our trip to Venice, we came across this image of the Italian Destroyer the Luigi Durand de la Penne docked in the basin of St Marks Square, with the more normal mode of transport in Venice moored in the foreground( we though that it made a different photo from the normal view). GAB12509-2GAB12509-2

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Wed, 01 Mar 2017 14:00:00 GMT
Pitsford Morning 24th January 2017 This morning saw us taking our normal morning walk down to Pitsford Water, so lucky to have this stunning location just on our doorsteps. Crisp and bright with a golden haze on the meadows are the words that come to mind, we were lucky to spot a Red Kite hunting for  pheasants in the Brynne Vineyards as we walked down to the water(we would return to see if success had been achieved). Cameras in hand we were lucky enough to capture the beauty of this area with some amazing light.

DSCF6582DSCF6582 DSCF6587DSCF6587 DSCF6590DSCF6590 DSCF6597DSCF6597 DSCF6609DSCF6609 DSCF6614DSCF6614 DSCF6630DSCF6630 DSCF6631DSCF6631 DSCF6632DSCF6632 DSCF6690DSCF6690 DSCF6718DSCF6718 DSCF6723DSCF6723 DSCF8312DSCF8312 DSCF8318DSCF8318 DSCF8324DSCF8324 DSCF8327DSCF8327 DSCF8338DSCF8338

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Tue, 24 Jan 2017 13:45:00 GMT
Paestum Wedding Italy, October 2016 The Month of October saw us taking a well earned rest in the Italian Rivera. Sorrento was our base for a couple of weeks and what a charmingly lovely place it is too.

we took in the sights of Pompaii (delightful,even in the rain) and the Amalfi drive ( scary even in the dry) and then set our sight slightly further afield with trips to the isle of Capri (heaven) and also onto the breath taking site of Paestum, whilst there we had the pleasure of photographing this lovely bride and groom amongst the astonishingly well preserved Greek temples. DSCF7889DSCF7889 GABY8093GABY8093 GABY8119GABY8119 GABY8135GABY8135

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 01 Jan 2017 13:30:00 GMT
The Bridge Hotel, The Wedding of Jade and Justin 28th December 2016 The 28th December 2016 saw us photographing the beautiful wedding of Jade and Justin at the Bridge hotel in Thrapston. We had only recently shot their pre wedding pictures at the Christmas Market in Birmingham and could tell that they were going to be a lot of fun on their big day.

The day of the wedding itself was one of those rare late winter cold but sunny days that you can only wish for. Gaby spent the morning capturing Jade and her bridesmaids preparations, whilst I spent the morning with Justin. On arrival at the Bridge hotel all guests were greeted by a glass of Ameretto and a cinnamon pastry.

The ceremony was beautiful with Jade making such an elegant bride. Afterwards all guests retired to the bar for Mulled wine and a wonderful singer to keep them entertained before they sat down to their meals and speeches. The late afternoon light streaming through the hotel window created some amazing images.

The speeches were delightful- the correct balance between comedy and love,and while the hotel staff transformed the room we took Jade and Justin outside for a spectacular sparkler exit from the hotel and then some romantic images of them in front of the illuminated hotel entrance. Thank you both so very much for braving the cold with us.

The evening was completed by Justin surprising Jade with his personal performance of singing Billy Joel's "She's always a woman to me" before their first dance! We wish you both all the happiness in the world. 695_JADE_JUSTIN_W281216695_JADE_JUSTIN_W281216 670_JADE_JUSTIN_W281216670_JADE_JUSTIN_W281216




(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Wed, 28 Dec 2016 00:00:00 GMT
Dodford Manor, The Wedding of Sarah and Warren, 10th December 2016 Dodford Manor was the location for the Wedding of Sarah and Warren.

We had visited the venue a week before the big day to complete our normal recon in the slightly uncharacteristically bright December sunshine, Sadly the big day itself was foggy and rainy but we were not going to let that stop us from taking some amazing images, Sarah and Warren both braved the downpours and we can't thank them enough!

Wishing you many happy years to come!

Sarah looked spectacular in her dress from Shop for Brides,

Candice Fuller provided the sophisticated Make up

Nicola Higgs did a great job with Hair dressing,

Jenkinsons caterers provide the feast,

Hockleys cakes provided another masterpiece cake,

Pure Rhythm Disco provided the soundtrack

MC1_6683MC1_6683 GC1_5906GC1_5906



(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 10 Dec 2016 11:45:00 GMT
Linton Zoo, Snow Leopards and other Big cats, 3rd December 2016 Saturday saw us taking a small photographic trip to capture images of the magnificent Snow Leopards at Linton Zoo in Cambridge.We were privileged to capture one or two of the other big cats they have there as well. Our thanks to all the passionate staff for their assistance.

GC1_5212GC1_5212 GC1_5218GC1_5218 GC1_5428GC1_5428 GC1_5582GC1_5582 MC1_5015MC1_5015 MC1_5018MC1_5018


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 03 Dec 2016 11:45:00 GMT
Mercure Parkside House, Milton Keynes, The Wedding of Lucy and Craig, 15th October 2016 Mercure Parkside House, Milton Keynes, was the location of the Wedding of Lucy and Craig.

We had met these two at the wedding fair in Aylesbury and from the very first meeting we could tell that they were going to be a lot of fun - we were proved right!!

It was a great day, full of emotion, wonderful friends and family and beautiful sunshine. Thank you very much for allowing is to play a small part in you big day! 

518_LUCY_CRAIG_W15102016518_LUCY_CRAIG_W15102016 612_LUCY_CRAIG_W15102016612_LUCY_CRAIG_W15102016 869_LUCY_CRAIG_W15102016869_LUCY_CRAIG_W15102016

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 15 Oct 2016 10:15:00 GMT
De Vere Staverton Estate, The Wedding of Chloe and Adam, 8th October 2016 The De Vere Staverton Estate, was today's location for the Wedding of Chloe and Adam, two of the most fun and loving people we have had the pleasure of meeting, full of amazing ideas. the day was full of laughter!

Chloe look Beautiful in a wedding gown from Cameilla Bridal

Hockleys cakes provided another masterpiece 

and Tie the Knot transformed the ceremony room beyond recognition

Wishing you many more "crazy" moments together. 

234_CHLOE_ADAM_W08102016234_CHLOE_ADAM_W08102016 484_CHLOE_ADAM_W08102016484_CHLOE_ADAM_W08102016 683_CHLOE_ADAM_W08102016683_CHLOE_ADAM_W08102016 696_CHLOE_ADAM_W08102016696_CHLOE_ADAM_W08102016


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 08 Oct 2016 10:00:00 GMT
Sedgebrook Hall, The Wedding Of Nicole and Chris, 24th September 2016 Sedgebrook Hall was the chosen venue for today's wedding of Nicole and Chris, another wonderful day full of sunshine and happiness

Nicole looked stunning in her dress from About a Bride

Chris and his groomsmen were attired by Warwicks

Fondant Flowers provided the most amazing flowers 

Andy and his team at Party Linen dressed the rooms to perfection 

and Gardners cakes provided a stunning cake

Thank you for allowing us to document your special day. Wishing you many happy years together!

GAB_3951GAB_3951 GAB_4277GAB_4277 MC1_0570MC1_0570 MJC_9797MJC_9797

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 24 Sep 2016 10:00:00 GMT
Sedgebrook Hall, The Wedding of Carly and Mick, 17th September 2016 this Saturday we had the pleasure to photograph the Wedding of Carly and Mick at Sedgebrook Hall,

It turly was a wonderful day the happy couple were surrounded by family and friends and later joined by a slightly unusual group of gentlemen which raised a few smiles, it was a pleasure to play a small part in the day.

MC1_9911MC1_9911 MJC_9470MJC_9470 MJC_9598MJC_9598

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 17 Sep 2016 09:00:00 GMT
Rusty Egan -The Rewind 80's Festival, Temple Meadows, Henley on Thames, 21st August 2016 The Rewind 80's Festival, Temple Meadows, Henley on Thames, 21st August 2016,

Between each group the Legend that is Rusty Egan was doing his DJ duties playing some of the memorable song from the 80's

DSCF5792DSCF5792 DSCF5798DSCF5798

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 21 Aug 2016 09:35:00 GMT
Earth, Wind and Fire Experience - The Rewind 80's Festival,Henley on Thames, The Rewind 80's Festival,Henley on Thames, 

Next up are the amazing Earth, Wind and Fire Experience - didn't know that we knew so many of these songs!

DSCF5881DSCF5881 DSCF5898DSCF5898 DSCF5911DSCF5911

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 21 Aug 2016 09:30:00 GMT
The Beat - The Rewind 80's Festival, Temple Meadows, Henley on Thames, 21st August 2016 The Rewind 80's Festival, Temple Meadows, Henley on Thames, 21st August 2016

Next up on our journey through sound are The Beat- mirror in the bathroom!!!

DSCF5809DSCF5809 DSCF5852DSCF5852 DSCF5863DSCF5863 GABY6062GABY6062


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 21 Aug 2016 09:15:00 GMT
The Rewind 80's Festival, Temple Meadows, Henley on Thames, 21st August 2016 This Sunday we traveled down to Henley on Thames for the 80's Rewind Festival so see one or two of the bands that had provided the backing track to our teenage years First up were the BlockHeads - Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll and all that malarkey!

DSCF5766DSCF5766 DSCF5781DSCF5781 DSCF5786DSCF5786 DSCF5788DSCF5788

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 21 Aug 2016 09:00:00 GMT
The Stag's Head Maidwell, The Wedding of Sonia and Chris, 13th August 2016 Today saw us covering the wedding party of Sonia and Chris at the Stag's Head in Maidwell,

What a charming wedding it was, so relaxed and informal, family and friends enjoying a wonderful summer evening together

 You guys deserve all the best, praying for a Christmas miracle for you!

GC1_3402GC1_3402 MJC_8870MJC_8870

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 13 Aug 2016 08:45:00 GMT
Brampton Grange and St Nicholas Church, The Wedding of Lucy and Ben, 6th August 2016 Today saw us photographing the wedding of Lucy and Ben at St Nicholas Church and Brampton Grange,

The sun filled the sky all day and the day was a joy to be involved in! 

Lucy looked a delight in a wonderful dress from Gowns and Garters

Kate Young provided a unique and personal cake

Potter group provided the DJ

MC1_7967MC1_7967 MJC_8557MJC_8557

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 06 Aug 2016 08:15:00 GMT
Stanwick Hotel, The Wedding of Theresa and Mark 26th July 2016 Many congratulations to the wonderful Theresa and Mark, who got married earlier in the week at Stanwick.

Love and cherish each other and your new families and remember that you are now each other's for many more years to com!

MC1_6520MC1_6520 MJC_7143MJC_7143 MJC_7294MJC_7294

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Tue, 26 Jul 2016 08:15:00 GMT
Jean Michel Jarre, The Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank, 23rd July 2016 The Godfather of Electronic music, ladies and gentleman Mr Jean Michel Jarre!, the Bluedot festival at Jodrell bank will be the first live show in 6 years, we have been waiting to see him live for ages and what an amazing setting in front of the Lovell Telescope which on this occasion is illuminated by an art installation by Brian Eno, and an appearance by Iron man.

DSCF4825DSCF4825 DSCF4830DSCF4830 DSCF4834DSCF4834 DSCF4836DSCF4836 DSCF4837DSCF4837 DSCF4839DSCF4839 DSCF4840DSCF4840 DSCF4845DSCF4845 DSCF4847DSCF4847 DSCF4849DSCF4849 DSCF4850DSCF4850 DSCF4855DSCF4855 DSCF4861DSCF4861 DSCF4863DSCF4863 DSCF4872DSCF4872 DSCF4881DSCF4881 DSCF4894DSCF4894 DSCF4900DSCF4900 DSCF4902DSCF4902 DSCF4903DSCF4903 DSCF4949DSCF4949 DSCF4953DSCF4953 DSCF4964DSCF4964 DSCF4990DSCF4990 DSCF5007DSCF5007 DSCF5009DSCF5009 DSCF5015DSCF5015 DSCF5027DSCF5027 DSCF5077DSCF5077 DSCF5085DSCF5085 DSCF5105DSCF5105 DSCF5115DSCF5115 DSCF5121DSCF5121 DSCF5122DSCF5122 DSCF5133DSCF5133 DSCF5169DSCF5169 DSCF5170DSCF5170 DSCF5181DSCF5181 DSCF5183DSCF5183 DSCF5200DSCF5200 DSCF5201DSCF5201 DSCF5208DSCF5208 DSCF5222DSCF5222 DSCF5241DSCF5241 DSCF5263DSCF5263 GABY5683GABY5683 GABY5686GABY5686 GABY5690GABY5690 GABY5697GABY5697 GABY5707GABY5707 GABY5714GABY5714 GABY5720GABY5720 GABY5732GABY5732 GABY5737GABY5737 GABY5761GABY5761 GABY5773GABY5773 GABY5786GABY5786 GABY5787GABY5787 GABY5792GABY5792 GABY5830GABY5830 GABY5842GABY5842 GABY5863GABY5863 GABY5891GABY5891 GABY5914GABY5914 GABY5933GABY5933

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 22 Jul 2016 23:45:00 GMT
Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank, 23rd July 2016 The Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank, saw us waiting for the  psychedelic sound architecture that the French Duo AIR can lift you with,

the perfect support for Jean Michel Jarre in a mind blowing setting! DSCF4654DSCF4654 DSCF4689DSCF4689 DSCF4676DSCF4676 DSCF4787DSCF4787 DSCF4808DSCF4808

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 22 Jul 2016 23:40:00 GMT
Westley Castle and Derwent Dam, 14th July 2016 We had a quick break away to the Peak district just to refresh our batteries and chill, just love this area so much beautiful country side

We stayed at Westley Castle and the following morning took a charming walk around Derwent water.

DSCF4569DSCF4569 DSCF4550DSCF4550 DSCF4610DSCF4610

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 14 Jul 2016 07:45:00 GMT
Hellidon Lakes Wedding, April and Wayne, 25th June 2016 Today with overcast weather we found ourselves looking forward to the Wedding of April and Wayne at Hellidon Lakes.

Such a lovely couple, who were made for each other, a very relaxed wedding filled with LOVE.

April's Dress was from Ann's Bridal Room.

Wayne and his Groomsmen were dressed by Debenhams.

Hockleys provided yet another amazing cake.

The colourful flowers were provided by The Blossom Shop

and the rooms were dressed to perfection by Something Borrowed event hire



(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 25 Jun 2016 07:45:00 GMT
Marriott Hotel Northampton wedding, Kerri and Craig, 15th June 2016 We had the pleasure of capturing the special day of Kerri and Craig at the Marriott Hotel in Northampton, we love this venue, so many great locations to shoot at and we always seem to be blessed with good weather and sunsets.

Such a fun loving couple, their wedding was a relaxed and fun filled day.

Kerri look beautiful in a flowing dress from Bicester Bridal

Craig and his groomsmen were dressed for the day by Suitors

Suzanne Hair and Beauty work their magic with hair and makeup

Hockleys cakes provided a amazing cake as usual

Flowers by Perkins florists

The room was dressed by Special events MK

Direct travel limousines provided the transport


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 18 Jun 2016 07:15:00 GMT
Eastwood Hall and St Helen's Church, the Wedding of Michelle and Andrew, 4th June 2016 Eastwood Hall was the location for today’s wedding between Michelle and Andrew,

As soon as we had first met this couple we knew we were going to get along as we had so many shared interests (Motor bike racing being just one of them)

Michelle looked beautiful in her dress from Emma’s Secret

Sarah Hoyle, Velvet Beauty Company provided the make up

Andrew and his Best man’s attire was provided by ultimate formal hire

The ceremony room was dressed by Stylish events, and was looking stunning, and the flowers by Hilltops florist really completed the venue.

Bouncy castles are just one of the things that we love about this venue and it goes without saying that we couldn’t wait to photograph the bride and groom on them, the rodeo bull was also very popular.

We wish them all the love in the world.


469__MICHELLE_ANDREW_W04062016469__MICHELLE_ANDREW_W04062016 471__MICHELLE_ANDREW_W04062016471__MICHELLE_ANDREW_W04062016 473__MICHELLE_ANDREW_W04062016473__MICHELLE_ANDREW_W04062016 475__MICHELLE_ANDREW_W04062016475__MICHELLE_ANDREW_W04062016

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 03 Jun 2016 23:15:00 GMT
Kilnsea Beach 29th May 2016 Another day and another adventure by the sea. Kilnsea was our destination of choice this time, amazing to see the power of the sea eroding this whole section of coastline - the first images are of a rare sound mirror used in the first world war to hear enemy aircraft, the others show the remains of Godwin gun battery from the second world war which used to be on the headland and as the coast eroded has now fallen on to the beach, finally a sunset over the Humber estuary.

DSCF5019DSCF5019 DSCF5130DSCF5130 DSCF5154DSCF5154 DSCF5218DSCF5218 MC1_1623MC1_1623 MC1_1652MC1_1652 MC1_1772MC1_1772 MC1_1775MC1_1775

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 28 May 2016 23:30:00 GMT
Sedgebrook Hall, the Wedding of Nikki and Brian 21st May 2016 Sedgebrook Hall was the lovely location for today’s wedding between Nikki and Brian, the overcast sky and rain threat wasn’t going to stop us from getting the best from the day.

Nikki looked amazing in her dress from Serendipity Brides as did her bridesmaids.

Helena Bailey and Carrie Cave worked their magic with makeup and hair.

Brian and his Bestmen’s attire was provided by Suitors

The ceremony room was dressed by the Potter Group who also provided the DJ services and was looking stunning, and the flowers by Divine Blooms really completed the setting.

We wish them all the love in the world.

749__NIKKI_BRIAN_W21052016749__NIKKI_BRIAN_W21052016 756__NIKKI_BRIAN_W21052016756__NIKKI_BRIAN_W21052016 767__NIKKI_BRIAN_W21052016767__NIKKI_BRIAN_W21052016

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 20 May 2016 23:00:00 GMT
Brixworth Country Park, pre-wedding shoot Nikki and Brian Last month we met with Nikki, Brian and their two lovely (and very well behaved) boys to discuss the details of their wedding at Sedgebrook Hall later this month and do their family pre-wedding shoot. Having postponed the shoot 2-3 times since last autumn, with the Big day approaching, we finally agreed we can no longer delay so we met at Brixworth Country park. As it happens - we had a nice chat, the sun was shining and the day looked wonderful...until we came out of the Willow Tree cafe and the heavens were ready to open. Thankfully our cameras are waterproof and Nikki, Brian and the boys were not fazed by the rain drops and the approaching black clouds so we proceeded. And we got some amazing pictures.

01_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201601_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 11_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201611_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 12_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201612_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 13_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201613_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 16_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201616_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 21_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201621_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 22_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201622_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 23_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201623_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 27_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201627_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 32_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201632_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 34_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201634_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 36_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201636_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 38_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201638_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 41_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201641_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 42_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201642_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 52_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201652_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 53_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201653_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 56_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201656_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 60_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201660_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 62_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201662_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016 66_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW0904201666_NIKKI_BRIAN_PW09042016

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Brixworth Country park Pitsford Reservoir Pitsford water family shoot photo shoot pre-wedding shoot wedding Mon, 09 May 2016 13:39:47 GMT
Willen Lake, pre-weeding shoot April and Wayne We first met April and Wayne some 14-15 months ago when they booked our services at a wedding fayre at Hellidon Lakes. We felt immediately this was going to be yet another lovely couple's wedding to look forward to. For their pre-wedding shoot, which is part of all our packages, they chose the picturesque Willen Lake in Milton Keynes. We met at the Peace Pagoda, where we started the "get to know each-other" shoot in our usual relaxing style, proceeding towards the  beautiful gardens of the Nipponzan Myohoji temple, making our way back to the Lake.

06__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201606__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 12__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201612__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 14__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201614__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 23__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201623__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 24__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201624__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 25__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201625__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 31__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201631__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 35__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201635__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 33__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201633__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 38__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201638__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 43__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201643__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 44__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201644__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 48__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201648__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 49__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201649__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 51__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201651__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 52__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201652__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 53__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201653__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 54__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201654__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 59__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201659__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 60__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201660__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 61__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201661__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 65__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201665__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016 68__APRIL_WAYNE_PW0304201668__APRIL_WAYNE_PW03042016

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) family shoot hellidon lakes wedding pre-wedding shoot willen lake willen lake pagoda Mon, 09 May 2016 13:19:49 GMT
Norfolk beaches HDR + B+W Messing around with HDR and B+W images from our recent trip to the wonderful beaches of Norfolk, we love the beauty of this area, and its battle against the elements that mother nature throws at it.

DSCF4015DSCF4015 DSCF4067DSCF4067 DSCF4165DSCF4165

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 08 May 2016 23:30:00 GMT
Norfolk Beaches - Happisburgh travelling on from Blakeney we headed towards our next stop - Happisburgh, with it famous lighthouse- we love the beauty of this area, and its battle against the elements that mother nature throws at it.

01_Happisburgh01_Happisburgh 02_Happisburgh02_Happisburgh 03_Happisburgh03_Happisburgh 04_Happisburgh04_Happisburgh 05_Happisburgh05_Happisburgh 06_Happisburgh06_Happisburgh 07_Happisburgh07_Happisburgh 08_Happisburgh08_Happisburgh 09_Happisburgh09_Happisburgh 12_Happisburgh12_Happisburgh 11_Happisburgh11_Happisburgh 10_Happisburgh10_Happisburgh 13_Happisburgh13_Happisburgh 14_Happisburgh14_Happisburgh 15_Happisburgh15_Happisburgh 16_Happisburgh16_Happisburgh 17_Happisburgh17_Happisburgh 18_Happisburgh18_Happisburgh 19_Happisburgh19_Happisburgh 20_Happisburgh20_Happisburgh 21_Happisburgh21_Happisburgh 22_Happisburgh22_Happisburgh 23_Happisburgh23_Happisburgh 24_Happisburgh24_Happisburgh 25_Happisburgh25_Happisburgh 26_Happisburgh26_Happisburgh 27_Happisburgh27_Happisburgh 28_Happisburgh28_Happisburgh 29_Happisburgh29_Happisburgh 30_Happisburgh30_Happisburgh 31_Happisburgh31_Happisburgh 32_Happisburgh32_Happisburgh 33_Happisburgh33_Happisburgh 34_Happisburgh34_Happisburgh 35_Happisburgh35_Happisburgh 36_Happisburgh36_Happisburgh 37_Happisburgh37_Happisburgh 38_Happisburgh38_Happisburgh

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 07 May 2016 16:30:00 GMT
Norfolk Beaches - Blakeney This weekend found us traveling to the beaches of Norfolk to enjoy as much of this sunshine as possible, this area as always held a special place in our hearts and we couldn't wait to get back there, our first port of call was Blakeney point passing through Wells next the sea and it's amazing windmill set in read beds.


01_Blakeney01_Blakeney 02_Blakeney02_Blakeney 03_Blakeney03_Blakeney 04_Blakeney04_Blakeney 05_Blakeney05_Blakeney 06_Blakeney06_Blakeney 07_Blakeney07_Blakeney 08_Blakeney08_Blakeney 09_Blakeney09_Blakeney 10_Blakeney10_Blakeney 11_Blakeney11_Blakeney 12_Blakeney12_Blakeney 13_Blakeney13_Blakeney 14_Blakeney14_Blakeney 15_Blakeney15_Blakeney 16_Blakeney16_Blakeney 17_Blakeney17_Blakeney 18_Blakeney18_Blakeney 19_Blakeney19_Blakeney 20_Blakeney20_Blakeney 21_Blakeney21_Blakeney 22_Blakeney22_Blakeney 23_Blakeney23_Blakeney 24_Blakeney24_Blakeney 27_Blakeney27_Blakeney 26_Blakeney26_Blakeney 25_Blakeney25_Blakeney 28_Blakeney28_Blakeney 29_Blakeney29_Blakeney 30_Blakeney30_Blakeney 31_Blakeney31_Blakeney 32_Blakeney32_Blakeney 33_Blakeney33_Blakeney 34_Blakeney34_Blakeney 35_Blakeney35_Blakeney 36_Blakeney36_Blakeney 37_Blakeney37_Blakeney 38_Blakeney38_Blakeney

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 07 May 2016 16:30:00 GMT
Fish, Misplaced Childhood, Farewell to Childhood Concert, Nottingham Rock City "And it was morning
And I found myself mourning,
For a childhood that I thought had disappeared."

Last night we continued our 2016 legendary concerts programme at Nottingham Rock City with the magnificent Fish and one of his very last performances of "Misplaced Childhood".

Farewell Sir!

Here are a few pictures we managed to get before the security guys told us off.




(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 11 Apr 2016 13:26:56 GMT
Hothorpe Hall and the Woodlands Back at the beginning of February, when Angie and Gary booked us to photograph their wedding at the newly built Woodlands at Hothorpe Hall next year, we couldn't resist and wait till the summer but rushed immediately to do our first recon. It was a very cold and bright day, just perfect for the winter wedding they were going to have at the Hall an hour later, hence the reason we weren't allowed to spend more than 10 minutes around (fair enough, we wouldn't want other photographers to be in our way).

We were immediately taken aback by the new  Woodlands "heaven", which was still under development but even so - very peaceful and beautiful. We can't imagine how beautiful it will look in the summer when it's all finished and full of tree foliage and colour.

The Hall's beauty speaks for itself, however we do strongly recommend the Woodlands - if not for a wedding, maybe for a weekend of tranquility. 


01_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands01_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 03_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands03_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 04_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands04_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 05_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands05_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 06_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands06_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 07_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands07_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 08_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands08_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 09_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands09_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 10_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands10_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 11_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands11_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 12_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands12_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 13_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands13_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 14_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands14_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 15_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands15_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 16_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands16_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 17_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands17_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 18_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands18_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 19_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands19_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 20_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands20_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 21_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands21_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 22_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands22_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 23_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands23_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 24_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands24_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 25_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands25_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands 26_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands26_Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 02 Apr 2016 18:26:27 GMT
A-Ha in concert at the Barclaycard arena in Birmingham We opened the 2016 concert season with this amazing night with A-ha.

What a wonderful evening back to eighties, singing our little hearts out together with another 12,000+ like minded fans at Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham.

Here are one or two images that we took. Now looking forward to another two amazing concerts in April starting with the "Misplaced Childhood" tour of Fish and the ever so cool Mr. Bryan Ferry (Gaby is particularly excited about this one). 


01_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham01_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham

02_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham02_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 03_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham03_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 04_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham04_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 05_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham05_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 06_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham06_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 07_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham07_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 08_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham08_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 09_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham09_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 10_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham10_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 11_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham11_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 12_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham12_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 13_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham13_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 14_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham14_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 15_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham15_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 16_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham16_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 17_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham17_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 18_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham18_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 19_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham19_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 20_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham20_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 22_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham22_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 23_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham23_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 24_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham24_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 25_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham25_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 26_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham26_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 27_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham27_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 28_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham28_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 29_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham29_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 30_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham30_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 31_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham31_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 32_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham32_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 33_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham33_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 34_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham34_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 35_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham35_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 36_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham36_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 37_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham37_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 38_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham38_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 39_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham39_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 40_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham40_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 41_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham41_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 42_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham42_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 43_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham43_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham 44_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham44_A - Ha Concert 29.03.16, Birmingham

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Tue, 29 Mar 2016 17:30:00 GMT
Our best wedding photographs of 2015 This is a selection of our best wedding pictures from 2015.

Last year we met some very interesting couples and expanded our horizons from Derbyshire to Essex. We had classy weddings, we had military wedding with the bride's mum being the priestess, we had very warm and hearty weddings. Some of our brides and grooms had been together for many years and shared bad and good (and a few children in between), some had only met a few months before the wedding but the common thing they all had was the confidence and the commitment to share their lives together. 

Thank you all very much for trusting us to be your photographers to capture those precious moments for you and being so welcoming and appreciative.

Happy new year to you all. We hope you are as excited for the next 12 months as we are. We already have quite a busy year ahead, starting with the wedding fayres' season in a week's time.


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 09 Jan 2016 16:46:03 GMT
Venice 2015 Venice 2015

DSCF1899-1DSCF1899-1 DSCF1951-1DSCF1951-1

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 21 Dec 2015 19:30:00 GMT
Remembrance Sunday Remembrance Sunday,

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."

For those that gave their lives for the freedom that we take for granted!


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 08 Nov 2015 19:15:00 GMT
Kilworth House Hotel, Wedding of Amy & Luke Kilworth House Hotel, Wedding of Amy & Luke

"One day, someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else"

Congratulations to Amy and Luke, who got married this weekend at Kilworth House Hotel. Cherish each other now you have found love forever!

GAB_1001GAB_1001 MJC_1858MJC_1858 MC1_6112MC1_6112 GAB_1813GAB_1813 MC1_6392MC1_6392 GAB_2190GAB_2190

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 08 Nov 2015 19:15:00 GMT
Sedgebrook Hall, Wedding of Carol & James. Sedgebrook Hall, Wedding of Carol & James.

"Be crazy. Be stupid. Be silly. Be weird. Be whatever. Because life is too short to be anything but happy."

Many congratulations to you both. Be happy many more years together!

MC1_5705MC1_5705 GC1_8988GC1_8988 GAB_9928GAB_9928 MC1_5687MC1_5687

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 29 Oct 2015 19:15:00 GMT
All Saints Church, Little Canfield, Wedding of Hannah & Luke All Saints Church, Little Canfield, Wedding of Hannah & Luke.

Many congratulations to the lovely Hannah and Luke, who got married last weekend. It was a beautiful day, full of so many emotions, surprises and quite a few super heroes. And the winner goes to the very original cake, inspired by the grooms' love to Batman!
Wishing you many happy years together!

MJC_0230MJC_0230 MC1_4872MC1_4872 GC1_8302GC1_8302 GC1_8342GC1_8342 MC1_4497MC1_4497 GAB_9109GAB_9109 GAB_8737GAB_8737 MJC_0558MJC_0558

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 22 Oct 2015 18:15:00 GMT
Venue re-con for Hannah & Luke's Wedding. Venue re-con for Hannah & Luke's Wedding, All Saints Church in little Canfield.

Last weekend we spent a happy couple of hours completing our normal venue re-con ahead of Hannah & Luke's special day - what a charming church and a original venue- can't wait!

DSCF1122DSCF1122 DSCF1128DSCF1128 DSCF1163DSCF1163 DSCF1141DSCF1141 GAB11773GAB11773 DSCF1222DSCF1222 DSCF1236DSCF1236 DSCF1243DSCF1243 GAB11786GAB11786 DSCF1233DSCF1233 DSCF1149DSCF1149 GAB11689GAB11689

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 08 Oct 2015 18:15:00 GMT
Sywell Park, Pre - Wedding, Hannah & Luke Sywell Park, Pre - Wedding, Hannah & Luke

Just over a week to go before we have the pleasure of seeing these two lovely people again,very much looking forward to it.

One or two images from Hannah & Luke's Pre - Wedding shoot at Sywell park.

02__HANNAH_LUKE_PW1209201502__HANNAH_LUKE_PW12092015 09__HANNAH_LUKE_PW1209201509__HANNAH_LUKE_PW12092015 11__HANNAH_LUKE_PW1209201511__HANNAH_LUKE_PW12092015 51__HANNAH_LUKE_PW1209201551__HANNAH_LUKE_PW12092015 49__HANNAH_LUKE_PW1209201549__HANNAH_LUKE_PW12092015 25__HANNAH_LUKE_PW1209201525__HANNAH_LUKE_PW12092015 39__HANNAH_LUKE_PW1209201539__HANNAH_LUKE_PW12092015

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 08 Oct 2015 18:00:00 GMT
Kedleston Hall, Pre- Wedding, Hannah & Will. Kedleston Hall, Pre- Wedding.

it seems like an age ago now but we had the pleasure of photographing the pre-wedding shoot for Hannah & Will in the spectacular location of Kedleston hall-wonderful couple,wonderful setting- here are one or two images from the day.

01__HANNAH_WILL_PW1309201501__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015 35__HANNAH_WILL_PW1309201535__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015 15__HANNAH_WILL_PW1309201515__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015 28__HANNAH_WILL_PW1309201528__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015 42__HANNAH_WILL_PW1309201542__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015 48__HANNAH_WILL_PW1309201548__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015 86__HANNAH_WILL_PW1309201586__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015 63__HANNAH_WILL_PW1309201563__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015 99__HANNAH_WILL_PW1309201599__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015 121__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015121__HANNAH_WILL_PW13092015


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Tue, 06 Oct 2015 18:00:00 GMT
Blood Moon Blood Moon.

Well, along with the whole wide world it would seem, we had a little go at photographing the Blood moon this morning. As we were right next to Pitsford Water it got a little foggy in the middle and at the end, plus the fact that we were both freezing and falling asleep didn't help either! Still amazing to see!

GC1_8039 combinedGC1_8039 combined


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 28 Sep 2015 18:00:00 GMT
Colwick Hall Wedding, Hannah & Will. Colwick Hall Wedding, Hannah & Will.

Many congratulations to Hannah & Will, who allowed us into their big day. It was a day full of love and happiness,clasic cars and Louboutins.

MJC_8888MJC_8888 MJC_8977MJC_8977 MJC_9105MJC_9105 MJC_9175MJC_9175

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 21 Sep 2015 18:00:00 GMT
Brighton weekend David Gilmour in concert Brighton weekend David Gilmour in concert.

What a weekend we had, a belated wedding anniversary present. Dave Gilmour in concert in his home town of Brighton, spectacular, amazing, moving and breath taking. The man is a genius! As you can imagine we took one or two pictures whilst there, the old west pier draws us in every time. DSCF0790-2DSCF0790-2

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 07 Sep 2015 18:00:00 GMT
Abington Park Pre - wedding shoot, Kerri & Craig Abington Park, Pre - wedding shoot, Kerri & Craig

05__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201505__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 09__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201509__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 10__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201510__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 19__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201519__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 12__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201512__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 22__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201522__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 41__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201541__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 28__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201528__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 42__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201542__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 46__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201546__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 51__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201551__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 69__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201569__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 57__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201557__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 72__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201572__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 71__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201571__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015 25__KERRI_CRAIG_PW0908201525__KERRI_CRAIG_PW09082015

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 23 Aug 2015 17:45:00 GMT
Eastwood Hall Wedding, Lucy & Jamie Eastwood Hall Wedding, Lucy & Jamie.

Very many congratulations to Jamie & Lucy, who we had the pleasure of photographing at Eastwood Hall in Nottinghamshire.

Amazing dress from Lori g bridal studio!

May you and your wonderful little family enjoy many happy years together!



GC1_5523GC1_5523 MJC_7583MJC_7583 GC1_5484GC1_5484 GC1_5744GC1_5744 MC1_2471MC1_2471


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 09 Aug 2015 17:45:00 GMT
Sedgebrook Hall Wedding Caroline & Scott Sedgebrook Hall Wedding Caroline & Scott.

Many congratulations to the newly wed Mr. & Mrs. Dainty. A perfect couple, perfect weather in a perfect outdoor setting at Sedgebrook Hall. Wishing you many happy years Caroline and Scott, keep chasing those dreams together!

MC1_1765MC1_1765 MC1_1877MC1_1877 MJC_6945MJC_6945

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 03 Aug 2015 17:45:00 GMT
Padley Gorge in Derbyshire Padley Gorge in Derbyshire

Some images from the beautiful Padley Gorge in Derbyshire,putting our new tripod head to use with slow shutter speeds to blur the water.

GAB10802aGAB10802a GAB10748aGAB10748a DSCF8873aDSCF8873a GAB10870aGAB10870a

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 27 Jul 2015 17:45:00 GMT
Kedleston Hall Venue re-con Kedleston Hall Venue re-con,

Ahead of our pre-wedding shoot on Sunday, we undertook our usual re-con of the venue, Kedleston Hall in Derby - to say this venue is Stunning is something of an understatement, looking forward to shooting here, praying for good weather.

GAB10705GAB10705 GAB10715GAB10715 GAB10716GAB10716 GAB10719GAB10719 GAB10702GAB10702 GAB10743GAB10743 DSCF0450DSCF0450 DSCF0451DSCF0451 DSCF0453DSCF0453 DSCF0459DSCF0459 DSCF0470DSCF0470 GAB10696GAB10696

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 25 Jul 2015 17:30:00 GMT
Guildhall Northampton Wedding, Ashley and Jackie Guildhall Northampton Wedding, Ashley and Jackie

Congratulations Ashley and Jackie! Let all the luck in the world be with you as you deserve it. It was a very emotional day with unexpected events and happy surprises. Love and cherish each other for many more years to come!

GC1_4446GC1_4446 GC1_4453GC1_4453 GC1_4464GC1_4464 MC1_1143MC1_1143 GAB_3274GAB_3274 T6080x4028-00110T6080x4028-00110

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 11 Jul 2015 17:30:00 GMT
The Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Turkey The Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Turkey

The first of many pictures from our recent trip to Turkey, the Library of Celsus in Ephesus, we had the whole place to ourselves for about 20 minutes before the coach loads arrived- awesome place!


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 09 Jul 2015 17:30:00 GMT
St Mary church Finedon and Barton Hall Wedding St Mary church Finedon and Barton Hall Wedding

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs Brindle, who got married yesterday at "St Mary the Virgin" Church in Finedon. We are very pleased that the rainy weather did not spoil the celebrations at Barton Hall and we hope that the bride and groom had a fantastic day. (Remember Kayla - all this rain were the tears of the boys who couldn't marry you, you look absolutely beautiful). Wishing you many happy years together!

362__MICHAELA_MARK_W13062015362__MICHAELA_MARK_W13062015 840__MICHAELA_MARK_W13062015840__MICHAELA_MARK_W13062015 820__MICHAELA_MARK_W13062015820__MICHAELA_MARK_W13062015 816__MICHAELA_MARK_W13062015816__MICHAELA_MARK_W13062015

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 13 Jun 2015 17:30:00 GMT
Brixworth Church & Harlestone Park Wedding Brixworth Church & Harlestone Park Wedding.

Congratulations to Steph & Ricky! Wishing you every happiness and many years together, thank you both and your families for being so welcoming, warm and friendly to us and allowing us to be a part of your special day, JACK CARVER!

MC1_9473MC1_9473 300__STEPHANIE_RICKY_W300515300__STEPHANIE_RICKY_W300515


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 31 May 2015 17:15:00 GMT
Ladies and Gentlemen - Mr Bryan Ferry!!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen - Mr Bryan Ferry!!!!!

DSCF8631DSCF8631 DSCF8645DSCF8645 DSCF8632DSCF8632 DSCF8629DSCF8629 DSCF8648DSCF8648 DSCF8656DSCF8656 DSCF8655DSCF8655 DSCF8671DSCF8671 DSCF8668DSCF8668 DSCF8681DSCF8681 DSCF8686DSCF8686 DSCF8701DSCF8701 DSCF8708DSCF8708 DSCF8716DSCF8716 DSCF8728DSCF8728 DSCF8745DSCF8745 DSCF8759DSCF8759

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 21 May 2015 17:15:00 GMT
Cambridge Walk  we had the pleasure of visiting Cambridge for a little afternoon of wandering and an evening with the ever so charmingly smooth Mr Bryan Ferry, still cool after all these years. here are some images from our quick stroll.

DSCF8568DSCF8568 DSCF8578DSCF8578 DSCF8587DSCF8587 DSCF8586DSCF8586 DSCF8580DSCF8580 DSCF8588DSCF8588 DSCF8589DSCF8589 DSCF8594DSCF8594 DSCF8595DSCF8595 DSCF8609DSCF8609 DSCF8562DSCF8562 DSCF8563DSCF8563 DSCF8565DSCF8565 DSCF8577DSCF8577

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 21 May 2015 17:15:00 GMT
Pitsford water morning walk So spring is here at last, looks like we will be in a warm year. Morning walk at Pitsford to clear the head and fill the lungs,  giving the new Nikon D800 and its little brother, the Fuji XM1, a quick spin around the block.

_DSC2002_DSC2002 _DSC1997_DSC1997 _DSC2033_DSC2033 _DSC1991_DSC1991 _DSC2021_DSC2021 _DSC2034_DSC2034 _DSC2044_DSC2044 _DSC2056_DSC2056 _DSC2059_DSC2059 _DSC2061_DSC2061 _DSC2075_DSC2075 _DSC2083_DSC2083 _DSC2085_DSC2085 _DSC2093_DSC2093 _DSC2106_DSC2106 _DSC2110_DSC2110 DSCF8261DSCF8261 _DSC2123_DSC2123 DSCF8269DSCF8269 DSCF8272DSCF8272 _DSC1981_DSC1981 _DSC1986_DSC1986 _DSC1990_DSC1990

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Wed, 15 Apr 2015 17:15:00 GMT
China Town Birmingham What a fantastic,fantastic evening we had at the Nile Rodgers's concert, what a LEGEND! As we wandered through China Town to get to the venue we couldn't resist taking one or two snaps of the buildings here. looking forward to going back again for a little photo shoot!

DSCF0095DSCF0095 DSCF0096DSCF0096

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 29 Mar 2015 17:00:00 GMT
Nile Rodgers and Chic in concert The Legend that is Nile Rodgers - The hit maker!

Having played with our new Toys we then went in search of the perfect location and model to try the Fuji out!

DSCF0121DSCF0121 DSCF0130DSCF0130 DSCF0198DSCF0198 DSCF0177DSCF0177 DSCF0178DSCF0178 DSCF0203DSCF0203 DSCF0210DSCF0210 DSCF0217DSCF0217 DSCF0229DSCF0229 DSCF0232DSCF0232 DSCF0239DSCF0239 DSCF0242DSCF0242 DSCF0241DSCF0241 DSCF0335DSCF0335 DSCF0138DSCF0138

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 29 Mar 2015 17:00:00 GMT
John Challis at the Corby Cube Another in the "Gaby and famous people" series, this time with the ever so charming and witty John Challis (Boycie from "Only fools and horses"), lovely man.


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 06 Mar 2015 18:00:00 GMT
Eastwood Hall Wedding Fayre 22nd February 2015 We would very much like to thank all the brides & grooms who stopped by and said "hello" to us today at the Eastwood Hall wedding fayre, big big thanks go to Dawn and Gary of Edward Lewis Weddings for organising the whole event with their usual flare. We had a great day with lots of new brides and grooms and exhibitors to meet and chat to - the catwalk show went down a treat and the Kim Kardashian inspired top table backdrop by Keith Woods Entertainment was incredible!,as was the wedding dress with pockets.

MC1_3299MC1_3299 MC1_3301MC1_3301 MC1_3305MC1_3305 MC1_3308MC1_3308 MC1_3312MC1_3312 MC1_3315MC1_3315 MC1_3320MC1_3320 MC1_3329MC1_3329 MC1_3337MC1_3337 MC1_3345MC1_3345 MC1_3349MC1_3349 MC1_3350MC1_3350 MC1_3352MC1_3352 MC1_3354MC1_3354 MC1_3361MC1_3361 MC1_3387MC1_3387 MC1_3392MC1_3392 MC1_3443MC1_3443 MC1_3448MC1_3448 MC1_3450MC1_3450 MC1_3456MC1_3456 MC1_3607MC1_3607 MC1_3613MC1_3613

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 22 Feb 2015 15:45:00 GMT
Horwood House wedding fayre, 15th February 2015 What a great day we had today at the Horwood House wedding fayre, met some amazing brides & grooms, and networked with old and new exhibitors - loved the 4ft high LOVE letters from the big letter moments

MC1_3219MC1_3219 MC1_3225MC1_3225 MC1_3227MC1_3227 MC1_3234MC1_3234 MC1_3235MC1_3235 MC1_3238MC1_3238 MC1_3239MC1_3239 MC1_3241MC1_3241 MC1_3243MC1_3243 MC1_3246MC1_3246 MC1_3247MC1_3247 MC1_3251MC1_3251 MC1_3256MC1_3256 MC1_3260MC1_3260 MC1_3264MC1_3264 MC1_3267MC1_3267 MC1_3272MC1_3272 MC1_3274MC1_3274 MC1_3280MC1_3280 MC1_3289MC1_3289 MC1_3292MC1_3292

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 15 Feb 2015 00:00:00 GMT
Brixworth Church, 8th February 2015 This coming May we have the pleasure of photographing Stephanie & Ricky's wedding due to be held in the wonderful Saxon church in Brixworth, so taking advantage of a rare moment of brilliant sunshine we ventured forth to partake of our usual recon - what a gem this is, so much history and photo opportunities we can't wait (hopefully the stocks will not be needed on the day). MC1_3132MC1_3132 MC1_3134MC1_3134 MC1_3135MC1_3135 MC1_3140MC1_3140 MC1_3144MC1_3144 MC1_3146MC1_3146 MC1_3158MC1_3158 MC1_3163MC1_3163 MC1_3190MC1_3190 MC1_3177MC1_3177 MC1_3196MC1_3196 MC1_3202MC1_3202 MC1_3211MC1_3211

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 08 Feb 2015 16:30:00 GMT
Remembering St Moritz, White Turf Horse racing on ice, 3rd -4th February 2007 Hard to believe 8 years ago today my wonderful Wife and I were in St Moritz, photographing the annual horse racing on the frozen lake.

The day before we were also treated to another traditional winter sport - Cricket on ice!

love this area and looking forward to going back with the one I love


The nice people at Sauber also Brought their F1 car along to entertain the crowds on the snow and ice MJC_5101MJC_5101WHITE TURF HORSE RACING ON ICE,ST MORITZ,SWITZERLAND,4TH FEBUARY 2007 MJC_5122MJC_5122WHITE TURF HORSE RACING ON ICE,ST MORITZ,SWITZERLAND,4TH FEBUARY 2007

Relaxing in the sunshine before the big event- 
(on the day of the Race as you can see, I spent the day charming the nice gentleman from Rolls Royce that this was the right car for me while Gaby did all the work)

_GAB1682_GAB1682 _GAB1684_GAB1684 MJC_4963MJC_4963 _GAB1806_GAB1806 MJC_4979MJC_4979

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Wed, 04 Feb 2015 12:37:18 GMT
Barton Hall Ahead of the forthcoming wedding,our usual re-con of Barton Hall.

What a charming location, the Orangery is so very light inside, its amazing! Lots of photo locations and we can't wait to use the red chair and the stained glass window!

GC1_4697GC1_4697 GC1_4698GC1_4698 GC1_4703GC1_4703 GC1_4708GC1_4708 GC1_4714GC1_4714 GC1_4715GC1_4715 GC1_4716GC1_4716 GC1_4726GC1_4726 GC1_4737GC1_4737 GC1_4739GC1_4739 GC1_4741GC1_4741 GC1_4750GC1_4750

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 25 Jan 2015 19:30:00 GMT
Kilworth House hotel Back in November 2014, we met Amy & Luke, who we are pleased to say booked us to photographer their big day at the exclusive Kilworth House Hotel. These are some of the images we took on our recon of the venue, very much looking forward to shooting at this new for us venue.

MC1_1212MC1_1212 MC1_1215MC1_1215 MC1_1216MC1_1216 MC1_1218MC1_1218 MC1_1230MC1_1230 MC1_1238MC1_1238 MC1_1243MC1_1243 MC1_1247MC1_1247 MC1_1254MC1_1254 MC1_1265MC1_1265 MC1_1267MC1_1267 MC1_1274MC1_1274

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 22 Jan 2015 19:15:00 GMT
Gaby's Birthday at the Midland Hotel,4-5th January 2015 Midland Hotel, Morecambe 4th -5th January 2015

You may or may not know that Gaby & I love Art Deco and also Agatha Christie,our ambition is to visit all of the locations in her books or the Poirot TV series, so what better way to start than a visit to the Midland Hotel, combined with Gaby's birthday and a engagement ring,(about time)



GC1_8325GC1_8325 GC1_4287GC1_4287 GC1_4294GC1_4294 GC1_4311GC1_4311 GC1_4319GC1_4319 GC1_4357GC1_4357 GC1_4376GC1_4376 GC1_8373GC1_8373 GC1_8374GC1_8374 GC1_8381GC1_8381 GC1_8413GC1_8413 GC1_8438GC1_8438 GC1_8442GC1_8442 GC1_4479GC1_4479 GC1_8450GC1_8450

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 05 Jan 2015 16:45:00 GMT
Black and White Afternoon one and all quick question is it me or do some animals just look better in Black and white?? GC1_9870GC1_9870 GC1_9898GC1_9898  

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 13 Nov 2014 16:58:00 GMT
Somber morning walk, Pitsford, 11th November 2014 Good morning one and all, somber morning walk today as we all remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we shall never forget.


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Tue, 11 Nov 2014 16:45:00 GMT
Frosty Misty morning, Pitsford, 6th November 2014 Good Morning one and all, is it me or the start of winter finally starting to show it's face? frosty morning walk this morning so very peaceful over at Pitsford just hardy runners to keep me company, looking forward to winter lets hope we have a white one this year!

MC1_0483MC1_0483 MC1_0491MC1_0491 MC1_0490MC1_0490 MC1_0494MC1_0494 MC1_0495MC1_0495 MC1_0497MC1_0497 MC1_0502MC1_0502 MC1_0505MC1_0505 MC1_0507MC1_0507 MC1_0512MC1_0512 MC1_0518MC1_0518 MC1_0522MC1_0522 MC1_0523MC1_0523 MC1_0530MC1_0530

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 06 Nov 2014 11:20:03 GMT
Bradgate Park,Leicester. 5th November 2014 We have always had a soft spot for Deer,really wanted to capture close ups of the Deer rut,so on Wednesday at a very ungodly hour raised our sleepy heads from pillows at set off for Bradgate park in Leicester,magical place, managed to combine deer with a spot of landscape. (the irony of the tea shop selling Venison was most amusing).

MJC_8759MJC_8759 MC1_0444MC1_0444 MC1_0446MC1_0446 MC1_0449MC1_0449 MJC_8778MJC_8778 MJC_8822MJC_8822 MJC_8850MJC_8850 MJC_8856MJC_8856 MJC_8912MJC_8912 MC1_0468MC1_0468 MJC_8998MJC_8998 MJC_9037MJC_9037

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Wed, 05 Nov 2014 16:00:00 GMT
London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, Brighton, 2nd November 2014 So continuing our weekend recap,Sunday found us speeding down to Brighton to catch the first cars arriving on the London to Brighton Veteran car run, sunshine and showers we were advised,started ok with sunshine breaking through the clouds, basking us in warmth,little did we know that soon rain of biblical proportions would soon make us soaked right through!!! still took photos of Sir Ben Ainslie and Ross Brawn and then retreated to dry of (still wet when we got home about 4 hours later) all good fun!!

GC1_6004GC1_6004 MJC_8322MJC_8322 GC1_5957GC1_5957 MJC_8341MJC_8341 GC1_6075GC1_6075 GC1_6115GC1_6115 GC1_6130GC1_6130 GC1_6142GC1_6142 MJC_8680MJC_8680 MJC_8654MJC_8654 MJC_8657MJC_8657 MJC_8694MJC_8694 GC1_6243GC1_6243 GC1_6249GC1_6249 GC1_6235GC1_6235

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 02 Nov 2014 14:00:00 GMT
De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, Sussex, 1st November 2014 Our little adventure at the weekend,
Saturday found us in Burgess hill for a photographic training course (you can never learn enough in the ever changing world of photography) the sun was shining out side all day,streaming through the windows!
once the day was complete and we had filled our heads with ideas we whizzed down to the charming seaside town of Bexhill for some setting sun images of the De la Warr Pavilion (art deco buildings are a little weakness of ours),and a quick wander around their Magnum photo exhibition.
photos done,images viewed we retired to our hotel to feed and sleep with the hope in our hearts that the weather would be great on Sunday!
MC1_0411MC1_0411 MC1_0422MC1_0422 MC1_0428MC1_0428 MC1_0429MC1_0429


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 01 Nov 2014 13:45:00 GMT
Rome, Sistine Chapel So good news about the new lighting in the Sistine Chapel,no more trying to take photos in the dark,like we had to do when we were there.
Travel advise from Mgphotographic-if you have the pleasure of going on your own mini Angels and Demons adventure you must take time to visit PIAZZA DEI CAVALIERI DI MALTA (the headquarters of the knights of Malta) and look through their keyhole,
the view leads you along a corridor of trees,then as yours eyes adjust in the background--view pictures to see! PICT0223PICT0223KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA PICT0058PICT0058KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA PICT0059PICT0059KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA PICT0067PICT0067KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 31 Oct 2014 08:29:02 GMT
Marriott Hotel, Northampton, Pre- wedding recon, 23rd October 2014 Good Morning one and all, Yesterday saw us completing our normal pre - wedding recon of the wedding venue, the Marriott Hotel in Northampton - very interesting locations for photographs, structures, textures and color (and animals!) we have our fingers crossed for good weather and we are hoping for a dramatic sunset just to round things off.

DSC_0042DSC_0042 DSC_0044DSC_0044 DSC_0043DSC_0043 DSC_0046DSC_0046 DSC_0050DSC_0050 DSC_0052DSC_0052 DSC_0054DSC_0054 DSC_0059DSC_0059 DSC_0068DSC_0068 DSC_0072DSC_0072 DSC_0078DSC_0078

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 23 Oct 2014 08:45:00 GMT
Nikon D610 Test, 21st October 2014 Exciting news at MGPHOTOGRPHIC, just took delivery of the first of two new Nikon cameras,so very much in such a small body (bit like us I know).
So as per normal little wander down to Pitsford rewarded us with these little shots! 
What an amazing day weather wise, heavy rain,strong winds,freezing wind chill and sunshine on the causeway, one side rain clouds and rainbow, other side setting sun.

Also on way home just couldn't resist walking by the Mercedes AMG HPP building it would appear that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Congratulations to them for winning the 2014 F1 constructors Championships.

DSC_0002DSC_0002 DSC_0011DSC_0011 DSC_0029DSC_0029 DSC_0035DSC_0035

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Tue, 21 Oct 2014 07:45:00 GMT
Hellidon Lakes Wedding Fayre, 20th October 2014 Many thanks to all the lovely couples who were kind enough to visit us at Hellindon Lakes wedding fayre - What a great venue for weddings,so many great locations for photographs including the secret waterfall,and what a amazing view from the terrace!


DSC_0362DSC_0362 DSC_0372DSC_0372 DSC_0376DSC_0376 DSC_0384DSC_0384 DSC_0390DSC_0390 Untitled_Panorama1Untitled_Panorama1

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 12 Oct 2014 07:15:00 GMT
Nikon D600 Test,10th October 2014 One camera back from annual service and MOT,still waiting on the second one fingers crossed it won't be too much longer, it seemed rude not to take her a quick spin around our favorite haunt-Pitsford, well it is almost on our doorstep! 


DSC_0311DSC_0311 DSC_0312DSC_0312 DSC_0317DSC_0317 DSC_0321DSC_0321 DSC_0337DSC_0337 DSC_0333DSC_0333

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 10 Oct 2014 07:45:00 GMT
Andrea de Cesaris R.I.P Andrea de Cesaris, after all the years of F1 racing to be killed in a motorcycle accident, great shame really nice guy! 
We had the pleasure of meeting him at Silverstone.



(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 06 Oct 2014 08:00:00 GMT
Wedding at the Corby Cube,20th September 2014 Looking forward to today's wedding in this striking venue the Corby Cube,fingers crossed that the weather brightens up just a little bit please!


P1000201P1000201 P1000213P1000213 P1000225P1000225 P1000230P1000230 P1000232P1000232 P1000237P1000237

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 20 Sep 2014 07:45:00 GMT
Dodmoor House Re-con, 18th September 2014 Spent this afternoon completing our usual venue re-con for forthcoming wedding at Dodmoor House,charming location with many spots for photo ideas, its going to be lots of Fern!


MJC_7263MJC_7263 MJC_7269MJC_7269 MJC_7271MJC_7271 MJC_7272MJC_7272 MJC_7281MJC_7281 MJC_7286MJC_7286 MJC_7287MJC_7287 MJC_7291MJC_7291 MJC_7296MJC_7296 MJC_7303MJC_7303 MJC_7309MJC_7309 MJC_7312MJC_7312 MJC_7316MJC_7316 MJC_7319MJC_7319 MJC_7325MJC_7325 MJC_7328MJC_7328 MJC_7331MJC_7331

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 18 Sep 2014 07:45:00 GMT
Horsley Park,25th August 2014 Continuing our Tour of Fun,we then whizzed down in the old jalopy to Horsley Towers / Park in sunny surrey for some light refreshment and a good night sleep! 
Couldn't help but notice this is a spectacular wedding venue as hopefully the images will show the cloisters and chapel underneath the main building are somewhere we would love to shoot a wedding couple! (also couldn't resist taking one or two pics of the bride at her wedding!)

MJC_5851MJC_5851 MJC_5857MJC_5857 MJC_5860MJC_5860 MJC_5862MJC_5862 MJC_5865MJC_5865 MJC_5872MJC_5872 MJC_5894MJC_5894 MJC_5898MJC_5898 MJC_5910MJC_5910 MJC_5921MJC_5921 MJC_5924MJC_5924 MJC_5929MJC_5929 MJC_5932MJC_5932 MJC_5933MJC_5933 MJC_5944MJC_5944 MJC_5950MJC_5950


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 25 Aug 2014 07:15:00 GMT
Bibury,Glouchestershire, 24th August 2014 It seems like ages ago now but Mrs C and I got away for a small weekend break, Bibury in Gloucestershire was our first port of call - charming picture box village,like stepping back in time! ( I think the signs in Japanese are a give away for tourists), We made some new friends with the local wildlife and Mrs C looked Fabulous Darlings!


MJC_5618MJC_5618 MJC_5620MJC_5620 MJC_5623MJC_5623 MJC_5669MJC_5669 MJC_5626MJC_5626 MJC_5665MJC_5665 MJC_5674MJC_5674 MJC_5679MJC_5679 MJC_5697MJC_5697 MJC_5733MJC_5733 MJC_5731MJC_5731 MJC_5701MJC_5701 MJC_5795MJC_5795

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 24 Aug 2014 07:15:00 GMT
The Wedding of Rebecca & Daniel, The Courtyard, Stanwick, 9th August 2014 A selection of some of the images from the colourful, emotional and happy wedding of Rebecca and Daniel at the Courtyard in Stanwick. These two young people and their families are perfect example of long lasting relationships, love and togetherness. 
Congratulations once again Mr. & Mrs Grainger, we wish you many happy years together! 


11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 1010 1111 1212 1313 1414 1515

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 09 Aug 2014 07:30:00 GMT
St Crispins Fire 7th August 2014 The irony of life never fails to make me smile! How ironic that when we were chatting away during Amanda & David's pre-wedding shoot about how cool it would be to shoot around and inside St-Crispin's, little did we know that not long after, it would be in the headlines that it was on fire! tres ironique non! 


MJC_6321MJC_6321 MJC_6327MJC_6327 MJC_6322MJC_6322 MJC_6329MJC_6329 MJC_6332MJC_6332 MJC_6340MJC_6340 MJC_6341MJC_6341 MJC_6344MJC_6344 MJC_6347MJC_6347 MJC_6349MJC_6349 MJC_6351MJC_6351

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 07 Aug 2014 08:00:00 GMT
Macro Shots 21st July 2014 Having spent a wonderful day at Pitsford water yesterday with a very civilised picnic hamper followed by an impression of the great white hunters as we chased dragonflies around - how annoying to find one sitting on our windowsill here are some images of Gaby's new friend


GAB_7602GAB_7602 GAB_7611GAB_7611 GAB_7616GAB_7616

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 21 Jul 2014 08:00:00 GMT
Gaby's Macro adventure New Sigma 105mm Macro lens Having just bought the new member of the Cushen family, the super sharp Sigma 105mm F2.8 OS Macro lens, fantastic for both Macro and portraits,Gaby thought it would be a great test to see what our back garden had in the store for us! GAB_7472GAB_7472 GAB_7474GAB_7474 GAB_7476GAB_7476 GAB_7478GAB_7478 GAB_7479GAB_7479 GAB_7480GAB_7480 GAB_7482GAB_7482 GAB_7485GAB_7485 GAB_7488GAB_7488 GAB_7490GAB_7490 GAB_7494GAB_7494 GAB_7499GAB_7499 GAB_7501GAB_7501 GAB_7502GAB_7502 GAB_7508GAB_7508 GAB_7505GAB_7505 GAB_7511GAB_7511 GAB_7528GAB_7528 GAB_7532GAB_7532 GAB_7539GAB_7539 GAB_7546GAB_7546

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 12 Jul 2014 08:15:00 GMT
New album range from Mgphotographic & Graphistudio Mgphotographic are pleased to announce that we are delighted to be offering the new range of Young book albums from world renowned album maker Graphistudio - These contemporary and stylish albums are fully customisable allowing you to personalise each album to your own enqiue tastes - We believe that Graphistudio have a winner here with prices starting at £250 so don't delay contact us to discus and to see why we are so excited about the Young book! MJC_5805MJC_5805 MJC_5808MJC_5808 MJC_5809MJC_5809 MJC_5810MJC_5810 MJC_5813MJC_5813 MJC_5815MJC_5815 MJC_5816MJC_5816

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 11 Jul 2014 11:43:00 GMT
Formula-E Test Day, Donnington Park,3rd July 2014 Today delighted to be able to photograph the future of motor sport the new Formula-E  championship,This is the first official test day 

at the Donnington Park Circuit  the cars are all electric with a top speed of 225 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 3 secs and because of the zero emissions are able to race on the streets of some of the greatest cities in the world starting in Beijing on 13th Sept 2014 with a race planned for London at Battersea power station on 27th June 2015 - The cars are so quite almost like a very quite jet engine and it makes a change to volt meters as one of the engineers tools   MJC_2469MJC_2469 MJC_2470MJC_2470 MJC_2485MJC_2485 MJC_5446MJC_5446 MJC_5583MJC_5583 MJC_5443MJC_5443 MJC_5755MJC_5755 MJC_5526MJC_5526 MJC_5776MJC_5776 MJC_2179MJC_2179 MJC_2429MJC_2429

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 03 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT
The Wedding of Vanessa & Mark, The Holiday Inn, Corby, 31st May 2014 Today we had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful wedding of Vanessa & Mark at the Holiday Inn in Corby,

sunshine greeted us as we set out on a wonderful day of emotions, we were honoured to be part of,many congratulations to you both!


11 33 22 44 55 66 77 88

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 31 May 2014 08:30:00 GMT
Twistleton scar 26th May 2014 So today we continue our Ingleton Adventure, 26th May found Mrs C leading me by the hand up to the top of Twistleton scar to photograph the lone tree and standing stone on the limestone pavements, we even made two new friends! amazing area can't wait to go back again.



(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 26 May 2014 14:30:00 GMT
Ingelton, Yorkshire dales,25th May 2014 The images from our mini break back in May that my good lady Mrs C arranged for me to Ingelton in the Yorkshire Dales,(been meaning to go for ages) the limestone pavements up in the hills hold a fascination for me,some great walking,some great landscape images (Big sky in Yorkshire) and one or three excellent meals.
so one or two images from 25th May 2014.


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 25 May 2014 07:00:00 GMT
Pre - Wedding shot of Kelly & Phil, Harleston Firs A selection of the fun pre-wedding shoot we did last Sunday with Kelly, Phil and the boys. With the exception of a few shower drops and a briefly tired little boy we all had a good walk at Harlestone Firs. Looking forward to the Big day now and seeing everyone again.



(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 27 Apr 2014 08:45:00 GMT
Bottle kicking between Hallaton & Medbourne 21st April 2014 A very traditional game of bottle kicking and hare pie throwing between the villages of Hallaton and Medbourne from earlier today


GC2_4655GC2_4655 GC2_4656GC2_4656 GC2_4668GC2_4668 GC2_4665GC2_4665 GC2_4675GC2_4675 GC2_4673GC2_4673 GC2_4680GC2_4680 GC2_4707GC2_4707 GC2_4791GC2_4791 GC2_4770GC2_4770 GC2_4814GC2_4814 GC2_4817GC2_4817 GC2_4831GC2_4831 GC2_4821GC2_4821 MC1_4297MC1_4297 MC1_4335MC1_4335 MC1_4321MC1_4321 MC1_4303MC1_4303 MC1_4362MC1_4362 MC1_4371MC1_4371 MC1_4382MC1_4382 MC1_4374MC1_4374 MC1_4392MC1_4392 MC1_4402MC1_4402 MC1_4399MC1_4399 MC1_4395MC1_4395 MC1_4406MC1_4406 MC1_4408MC1_4408 MC1_4418MC1_4418 MC1_4426MC1_4426 MC1_4428MC1_4428

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Mon, 21 Apr 2014 08:45:00 GMT
The Wedding of Karma & Chris, Hunsbury Hill Centre, 4th april 2014 A small selection of the beautiful wedding of Chris and Karma at the Hunsbury Hill Centre. Wishing you many happy years together Mr. and Mrs. Carroll!

C1C1 C2C2 C3C3 C4C4 C5C5 C6C6 C7C7 C8C8 C9C9 C10C10 C11C11 C12C12 C13C13 C14C14 C15C15 C17C17 C18C18 C19C19

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 04 Apr 2014 09:00:00 GMT
Pre - Wedding shot, Rebecca & Daniel, Barnwell Country Park 23rd March 2014 Today we had the pleasure of meeting up and shooting some great images for Rebecca & Daniel ahead of their forthcoming wedding,Barnwell Country Park was the chosen location and with dramatic skies over head we set off for a short walk around,Rebecca & Daniel had some great ideas for the wedding shots and we all had a great time thinking of different ideas for the day - very much looking forward to it!

Facebook collageFacebook collage MC1_3598MC1_3598

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 23 Mar 2014 11:00:00 GMT
Pre - Wedding shot, Karma & Chris,16th March 2014 For the pre - wedding shoot of Karma and Chris we went to the picturesque village of Castle Ashby - the heaven of bright coloured 
doors. Despite one of the locals not allowing us access to one part of the estate we still managed to find great locations to capture the love of this charming couple.- Not long now to the big day!

Facebook collageFacebook collage

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 16 Mar 2014 11:00:00 GMT
Natalie & Daniel Smith, Creaton Church & Sedgebrook Hall, 21st September 2013 The wedding of Natalie and Daniel in September.What a beautiful couple they made with the wonderful story of their love. The boutique look of the church and the elegance of Sedgebrook Hall contributed to this special day and made it really memorable.Natalie and Daniel had decided to make their day even more special with the Christening of their beautiful daughter Elsie at a short ceremony straight after the marriage. To add to the excitement of the day there was a celebrity appearance in the evening by Natalie's brother and his very well known band Whiteroom, who got everybody up on the dance floor with tier usual mix of Rock and Pop.





(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 21 Sep 2013 19:15:00 GMT
Lincoln Steampunk Festival 13 Sept 2013 What an amazing day we had at the Annual Steampunk festival in Lincoln. The people we met were incredible 

in their dress and attitude, they really embrace this lifestyle totally,the philosophy of Victorian fashion and modern technology

combined  to produce the most incredible look.













(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 13 Sep 2013 17:15:00 GMT
The Wedding Of John & Margaret McBride, St Andrews Church of Scotland, 7th June 2013 Today we started the 2013 wedding season with the wedding of John and Margaret McBride, who had chosen this day especially for sunny and warm weather, and wasn't it just...Tip for future brides - apparently the weather on this day is always very good.

As normal our day started with the Bride's and Groom's preparations before moving on to the wedding at St Andrews Church of Scotland in Corby. All the main male players were kilted and ready to go, the ceremony was emotional and  the group shots called for some high level balancing (climbing railings). Once completed, it was a short walk to the reception at the Corby Masonic Center  where we moved on to very moving and then some risqué speeches before the classic first dance of the newly wedded couple's life together. The night evolved with lots of laughter and good time by the wonderful couple's wealth of friends.




(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 07 Jun 2013 17:45:00 GMT
Harry 2nd June 2013 Last Sunday we has the Pleasure of spending some time with the very smiley Harry and his Mummy and Daddy. They all allowed us to capture some wonderful intimate family moments and we are proud to show some of the emotions here.

GC1_7795 GC1_7805 GC1_8971 GC1_7880 GC1_7912 GC1_7941 GC1_7979 GC1_9057 GC1_9060 GC1_9099

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 02 Jun 2013 17:30:00 GMT
Boughton Follies, 11th May 2013 Having heard about the local remains of a once great estate in Northampton after much searching we found the Boughton follies 

fascinating place and we can't wait to come back here for some more photo shots later in the year





(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 11 May 2013 16:00:00 GMT
Brookwood Military Cemetery,Woking 29th March 2013 Today we went to the Brookwood Military Cemetery near Woking to visit the memorials to all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for all our freedom.  We wanted to visit the memorials of some of the most bravest men and women who had waged an underground war against the Germans in France- William Charles Frederick Grover-Williams,Robert Benoist  and Violette Szarbo who all joined the Special Operations Executive (SOE) working as undercover agents in occupied France in order to as Winston Churchill put it "to set Europe ablaze".



 William Charles Frederick Grover-Williams grew up in France to an English father and a French mother. Always interested in automobiles he began working as a chauffeur for Sir William Orpen, then he became the first man to win the very first Monaco Grand Prix where he entered his Bugatti resprayed in the now familiar color of British racing green winning many Grand Prix across Europe. He became firm friends with Robert Benoist but when the second world war broke out he returned to England to join the army where he was selected to join SOE and return undercover to France to set up resistance cells to sabotage the German war effort. He persuaded Robert Benoist to join him staging many acts of defiance against the occupying forces until both sadly were captured and executed in concentration camps (although rumors  indicate that Williams did survive this however this has never been proved). Amazing Amazing people! If you are ever in Monaco you must visit the Statue of him at Saint Devote.




Brookwood is a very sobering place to visit to say the least. We would recommend it to all!




(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 29 Mar 2013 17:15:00 GMT
Sedgebrook Hall Wedding fair, 17th March 2013 As we packed the car for today's wonderful wedding fair at Sedgebrook Hall few among us could have believed that this was the middle of March, (the shape of things to come)  a snow blizzard? but it gave a amazing view of what this wonderful venue would look like for a winter wedding, We had an amazing day meeting some very special couples brought together by the common bond of LOVE. 

MC1_4927 MC1_4931 MC1_4935

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 17 Mar 2013 10:45:00 GMT
Opus Rocks, The Picturedrome Northampton 8th March 2013 Fantastic night at the Picturedrome in Northampton for Opus Rocks charity concert for cystic fibrosis  featuring the amazing talents of Heather Adelle Jones, The Fallows, Whiteroom and the Sons Of The Helots

_MJC0969 _MJC1082 GC1_6502 _MJC1305 _MJC1347 _MJC1393 _MJC1408 _MJC1385

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Fri, 08 Mar 2013 15:30:00 GMT
Corby Masonic Wedding Fayre 17th January 2013 We had a very successful evening at the Corby Masonic wedding Fayre meeting some wonderful couples and 

gaining two bookings in the evening which we are very much looking forward to being part of their big and happy day






(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Thu, 17 Jan 2013 18:45:00 GMT
New Year's Day Parade London 1st January 2013 We decided to embrace the New Year with positivity and happiness and what better place and event for that than the London's New Year's Parade - full of colours and emotions. 







































(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Tue, 01 Jan 2013 13:06:00 GMT
Birmingham Christmas Fair,1st December 2012 What a great day we had today at the Birmingham's Christmas Fair, where the town center is transformed into a small 

slice of Germany with all the traditional Christmas stalls as your would expect, including the best bratwurst we have ever had

anywhere (just watch the mustard - its hot!). 













(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 01 Dec 2012 17:45:00 GMT
Brampton Halt,18th November 2012 Trying to make the most of the mid November sunshine we went for a refreshing and brisk walk along the Brampton valley way

to and from Brampton Halt where the Northampton and Lamport Railway station is preserved







(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 18 Nov 2012 17:30:00 GMT
The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, 4th November 2012 today was the day for us to follow The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run,we left the slumber of our beds at a ungodly hour to reach London in time to capture some images of the cars before they set off, the weather was chucking it down, can't remember the time when we got so wet! thankfully our Nikon's fared better than we did we got some great images of the start and met one or two celebs (Gaby made a new friend) before following the cars down to Brighton for just a little bit of sunshine.
MC1_3300MC1_3300 MC1_3318MC1_3318 MC1_3330MC1_3330 MC1_3336MC1_3336 MC1_3344MC1_3344 MC1_3349MC1_3349 MC1_3364MC1_3364 MC1_3369MC1_3369 MC1_3372MC1_3372 GC1_4765GC1_4765 GC1_4805GC1_4805 GC1_4815GC1_4815 MC1_3398MC1_3398 GC1_4821GC1_4821 GC1_4825GC1_4825 MC1_3405MC1_3405 GC1_4859GC1_4859 MC1_3416MC1_3416 MC1_3420MC1_3420 MC1_3421aMC1_3421a GC1_4884GC1_4884 MC1_3432MC1_3432 GC1_4916GC1_4916 MC1_3433aMC1_3433a MC1_3437aMC1_3437a MC1_3443aMC1_3443a


(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sun, 04 Nov 2012 15:00:00 GMT
Santa Pod Flame & Thunder 27th Oct 2012 The annual Flame & Thunder event at the Santa Pod raceway in Northamptonshire, Dragsters, Monster Trucks, Stunt Drivers and Flames

what more could you ask for?

MC1_3256 MC1_3265 GC1_4312 GC1_4313 GC1_4316 MC1_3274 GC1_4338 MC1_3289 GC1_4377 GC1_4390 GC1_4415 MC1_3297 GC1_4436 GC1_4496 GC1_4501 GC1_4572 GC1_4613 GC1_4658 GC1_4678 GC1_4705 GC1_4706

(MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Sat, 27 Oct 2012 10:15:00 GMT
Louise and Julian Breen, St Peter's Church & Crockwell Farm, 29th September 2012

Louise and Julian Breen, St Peter's Church & Crockwell Farm, 29th September 2012