MGPHOTOGRAPHIC | Birmingham Botanical Gardens, pre wedding shoot Anne and Justin

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, pre wedding shoot Anne and Justin

February 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the pre wedding shoot of Anne and Justin

We had originally arranged to photograph Anne and Justin’s pre wedding shoot at Licky Hills Country Park which was a short distance from where they live. Sadly, on the day, it was hammering it down with rain. They were kind enough to rearrange the date for us and came up with the wonderful location of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which turned out to be an inspired idea. Not only was the location beautiful but the day was one of the crisp, sunny winter days that we get so rarely in this country.

Meeting them at the entrance, we quickly got on with the shoot, not wanting to miss a moment of the glorious sunshine. Once the nerves for all of us had calmed down, we found that Anne and Justin were very relaxed and loving with each other, which made for some romantic pictures as we wandered around the grounds, dashing from the greenhouse to the bandstand and then to the aviary, before we took the woodland walk and found some colourful peacocks just to round things off before we returned to the café for a much needed cup of tea.

We then had ample time to discuss the final details of their day, learning more about them as a couple and their families.Very much looking forward to the big day.

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