MGPHOTOGRAPHIC | St Andrews Church Chinnor, The Wedding of Natalie and Greg, 2nd Sept 2017

St Andrews Church Chinnor, The Wedding of Natalie and Greg, 2nd Sept 2017

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Today saw us having the honour of photographing the wedding of Natalie and Greg, at St Andrews church in Chinnor,

Yet again our prayers had been answered with sunshine very much being the order of the day.

We had prepared and braced ourselves for this wedding as it was going to be big (over 200 guests, 10 bridesmaids and 10 groom’s men).

Gaby and I started the day at Natalie’s parents’ house which was full of emotion surprises and tears of joy including a special surprise from Greg that made everyone laugh out loud and jewellery for the day, we both photographed the hair and makeup as the ladies made themselves even more beautiful, before Martin set of for the short journey to the men’s side of the day at Natalie’s and Greg’s house were Natalie had arranged a selection of surprises for Greg also (Martin also closed his eyes for a calendar boys shot in the back garden).

Natalie and the ladies once ready made the journey to the church, Natalie travelled by a classic horse drawn carriage with her father by her side looking very regal and beautiful, having photographed the arrivals before they entered the church we then positioned ourselves at the rear of the aisle (sadly the Vicar wouldn’t allow us any further) where we were able to capture Greg’s first look at Natalie as she made her journey to the alter and of course their departure as Man and Wife, we then replicated on or two shots similar to Natalie’s parents who had also married in the same church before setting off to the venue.

The Venue itself was an amazingly large Marque in one of the family’s meadows complete with chandeliers and all you would require for a truly wonderful day, after the guests had congratulated both Natalie and Greg, we were taken to a glade surrounding a small lake for the group photos, with a list in the hands of ourselves and one the hands of each of the groomsman we worked our way methodically trough them completing all of them in about an hour(we can’t help the groomsman and everyone else that helped us with this enough) before returning to the marquee for the wedding meal (as we retired to our car to relax and rehydrate).

Once we were refreshed the Bestman kindly found us to advise that the speeches would start shortly (we were aware of this but it was a kind thought), the speeches were a delight filled with emotion and laughter (and some handy gifts for the groom) just what we like!, we were then able to take just the Bride and Groom off for some romantic shots just as the sun was setting making sure that we got them both back for cake cutting and what we had been told was going to be a choreographed flash mob style first dance. Fantastic is the only way to describe it, what a production the first dance turned out to be with all the groomsman and bridesmaids involved running through a medley of songs.

We then carried on with our usual documental style of shooting capturing the wonderful dance of Natalie and her father, and everyone else enjoying themselves to the full, before the evening was rounded of by a spectacular firework display!

Thank you both and we wish for a love never ending!

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