MGPHOTOGRAPHIC: Blog en-us (C) MGPHOTOGRAPHIC (MGPHOTOGRAPHIC) Tue, 17 Apr 2018 12:32:00 GMT Tue, 17 Apr 2018 12:32:00 GMT MGPHOTOGRAPHIC: Blog 120 80 East Carlton Park, pre wedding shoot Claire and Martin East Carlton Park, pre wedding shoot Claire and Martin

We had the pleasure of meeting Claire and Martin at Sedgebrook Hall’s winter wedding fayre and straight away knew that we were going to enjoy seeing them again and photographing their wedding day at Sedgebrook in the summer.

We had arranged their pre wedding shoot for early February but the rain Gods decided that the day we had chosen was their day and not ours (heavy rain stopped play) so we had to rearrange for early March.

Luckily, on the day, the rain stopped before we met them and we journeyed off to locate the bench that Martin had proposed to Claire on. Stopping along the way for one or two images of them together (as it was still very muddy underfoot we can’t thank them enough for doing this) before we headed back to the café for well-deserved coffees and hot chocolate all round.

We then were able to go through the wedding day with them in more detail, discovering that their big day had a surprise theme to it which will be so much fun to photograph.

Thank you both very much for being such good sports and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


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Birmingham Botanical Gardens, pre wedding shoot Anne and Justin Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the pre wedding shoot of Anne and Justin

We had originally arranged to photograph Anne and Justin’s pre wedding shoot at Licky Hills Country Park which was a short distance from where they live. Sadly, on the day, it was hammering it down with rain. They were kind enough to rearrange the date for us and came up with the wonderful location of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which turned out to be an inspired idea. Not only was the location beautiful but the day was one of the crisp, sunny winter days that we get so rarely in this country.

Meeting them at the entrance, we quickly got on with the shoot, not wanting to miss a moment of the glorious sunshine. Once the nerves for all of us had calmed down, we found that Anne and Justin were very relaxed and loving with each other, which made for some romantic pictures as we wandered around the grounds, dashing from the greenhouse to the bandstand and then to the aviary, before we took the woodland walk and found some colourful peacocks just to round things off before we returned to the café for a much needed cup of tea.

We then had ample time to discuss the final details of their day, learning more about them as a couple and their families.Very much looking forward to the big day.

08_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201808_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 24_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201824_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 33_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201833_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 40_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201840_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 42_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201842_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 49_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201849_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 57_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201857_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018 68_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW2402201868_ANNE_JUSTIN_PW24022018

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Dodmoor House, The Wedding of Jacqui and Kendal, 9th September 2017 Today saw us having the honour of photographing the wedding of Jacqui and Kendal, at Dodmoor House,

With mixed weather forecast we set off to our locations, Gaby to Dodmoor house for the Bridal prep and myself to their family home for the men, Kendal was assisted by his brother and nephew preparation was carried out with military precision, even the dance tracks were compiled and sorted as Kendal’s brother was on DJ duties later, Gaby spent the morning in a sea of femininity as usual as Jacqui prepared in the beautiful bridal suit at Dodmoor along with her bridesmaids, brother and mum and dad.

When the grooms party arrived at the venue we were treated to a brief downpour much to our surprise this didn’t last long or seem to have any effect on the high spirits of the day, as the guest from all around the country arrived and seated themselves we all made ready for the bridal entrance from across the courtyard.

Jacqui looked delightful and Kendal looked like the luckiest man in the world as the ceremony commenced they were surrounded by so many smiles and love; once the civil ceremony was complete they also had a blessing from their own reverend which completed the occasion very well.

The courtyard made for the prefect location for our groups shots before we moved on to our favourite part of the day i.e.: the hugging and kissing congratulation part! We then were able to steal Jacqui and Kendal away for a small shot in front of Dodmoor house itself, they have a lovely avenue of apple trees, which make an excellent lead in line to the house and the bride and groom. Once we had completed this we returned the bride and groom to their guests as the meals were just about to be served (we had been requested to photograph the courses  of the meal before they were brought out so we put our food photography hats on and snapped away).

We returned in time for the speeches, some wonderful words of advice to Kendal to make sure that Jacqui is treated like a queen for the rest of their married life (as if there was any doubt that she would be) also just for balance a wonderful speech from Kendal’s daughter who remained everyone how much love she and her sisters have for their dad, following the cutting of the cake and romantic first dance we all indulged in a night of Caribbean music and dancing!

Thank you both and we wish for a love never ending!


GAB_0923GAB_0923 MC1_0848MC1_0848 MJC_5730MJC_5730 MJC_5744MJC_5744 MJC_5746MJC_5746 MC1_1119MC1_1119

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St Andrews Church Chinnor, The Wedding of Natalie and Greg, 2nd Sept 2017 Today saw us having the honour of photographing the wedding of Natalie and Greg, at St Andrews church in Chinnor,

Yet again our prayers had been answered with sunshine very much being the order of the day.

We had prepared and braced ourselves for this wedding as it was going to be big (over 200 guests, 10 bridesmaids and 10 groom’s men).

Gaby and I started the day at Natalie’s parents’ house which was full of emotion surprises and tears of joy including a special surprise from Greg that made everyone laugh out loud and jewellery for the day, we both photographed the hair and makeup as the ladies made themselves even more beautiful, before Martin set of for the short journey to the men’s side of the day at Natalie’s and Greg’s house were Natalie had arranged a selection of surprises for Greg also (Martin also closed his eyes for a calendar boys shot in the back garden).

Natalie and the ladies once ready made the journey to the church, Natalie travelled by a classic horse drawn carriage with her father by her side looking very regal and beautiful, having photographed the arrivals before they entered the church we then positioned ourselves at the rear of the aisle (sadly the Vicar wouldn’t allow us any further) where we were able to capture Greg’s first look at Natalie as she made her journey to the alter and of course their departure as Man and Wife, we then replicated on or two shots similar to Natalie’s parents who had also married in the same church before setting off to the venue.

The Venue itself was an amazingly large Marque in one of the family’s meadows complete with chandeliers and all you would require for a truly wonderful day, after the guests had congratulated both Natalie and Greg, we were taken to a glade surrounding a small lake for the group photos, with a list in the hands of ourselves and one the hands of each of the groomsman we worked our way methodically trough them completing all of them in about an hour(we can’t help the groomsman and everyone else that helped us with this enough) before returning to the marquee for the wedding meal (as we retired to our car to relax and rehydrate).

Once we were refreshed the Bestman kindly found us to advise that the speeches would start shortly (we were aware of this but it was a kind thought), the speeches were a delight filled with emotion and laughter (and some handy gifts for the groom) just what we like!, we were then able to take just the Bride and Groom off for some romantic shots just as the sun was setting making sure that we got them both back for cake cutting and what we had been told was going to be a choreographed flash mob style first dance. Fantastic is the only way to describe it, what a production the first dance turned out to be with all the groomsman and bridesmaids involved running through a medley of songs.

We then carried on with our usual documental style of shooting capturing the wonderful dance of Natalie and her father, and everyone else enjoying themselves to the full, before the evening was rounded of by a spectacular firework display!

Thank you both and we wish for a love never ending!

MC1_9716MC1_9716 MC1_9736MC1_9736 MC1_9897MC1_9897 GAB_0300GAB_0300 GAB_0326GAB_0326 GC1_3005GC1_3005 MC1_0094MC1_0094 MC1_0128MC1_0128 GC1_3449GC1_3449

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The Woodlands Hothorpe Hall, The Wedding of Angela and Gary, 31st August 2017 Today saw us having the privilege of photographing the wedding of Angela and Gary, at the wonderful location of the woodlands at Holthorpe hall.

We had met Angela and Gary at Sedgebrook Halls wedding fair and knew right away that with so many share interest’s  (including a fascination with Venice) that we would love to play a part in their special day, as we had already shot their pre wedding in and around venue we already had plenty of ideas in mind weather permitting.

Gaby started the day with the ladies at Woodlands capturing the fun and laughter as Anna Sawer from Barton Sawer hair and make and Rani from Beauty by Rani completed their beautiful look for the day (they all looked stunning!), Martin had the shorter part of the day as the gentleman prepared at the family home (hair and makeup took slightly less time as you can imagine but the top hats made up for this) before setting off the venue.

The weather gods had played nice today as the whole of the venue basked in golden sunshine, the Bride and Groom had hired a large picture frame to photograph the guests of the day in, so Martin set about enticing the arrivals in to place before the ceremony.

Following the emotional civil ceremony the Bride, Groom and Guests were led down to a beautiful glade where an additional outdoors ceremony also took place which mad for some interesting images of the light diffusing through the surrounding trees, we then made the short journey back to the grounds surrounding the ceremony room for a large groups shots with 2 confetti canons provided by the venue!, we then broke the party down into smaller groups shots before taking the bride and groom away for a short romantic session around the grounds of the hall itself.

Following the meal we re-joined the party for the speeches which were made all the more emotional by the video wishes from Angela’s family in South Africa and a personal congratulation from the South African rock band the Parlotones!, then on to the cake cutting (the cake was topped by models of Gary spinning the decks and Angela covering her ears!) and the first dance, we rounded of the day by Angela and Gary making crepes under the watchful eyes of Chris Hill from Vive La Crepe (we think that Angela won that one!).

Thank you both and we wish for a love never ending!

MJC_3465MJC_3465 GAB_8248GAB_8248 MC1_8821MC1_8821 GAB_8349GAB_8349 MC1_8828MC1_8828 MJC_3549MJC_3549 MC1_8864MC1_8864 GC1_1967GC1_1967 MC1_9055MC1_9055 MC1_9168MC1_9168

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Norton Church, The Wedding of Jo and Tom, 26th August 2017 Today saw us whizzing off to Norton to photograph the wedding of Jo and Tom, since meeting them at the High Gate House wedding fayre we just knew that they were going to be such a lovely couple to photograph with their love of animals and the great outdoors, this was further reinforced when they decided to choose their narrowboat on a canal trip for the location of their pre wedding shoot(despite martin being a little bit of a coward when it comes to boats we had a great time).

So the day of their wedding arrive with a glorious August day, Gaby spent the morning with the girls as they made themselves ready, capturing every detail of the dress and accessories and flowers which matched the rainbow colour theme of the day at the same time and also had the time to capture individual portraits of the bride, brides maids and Jo’s dog before setting out to arrive at the church.

 Martin spent the morning with the chaps at Tom’s family home (Tom’s mum had prepared the most amazing hearty breakfast to see them through to the reception), capturing the suiting and booting of the men before also taking portraits of them all, luckily enough the church had a public house within walking distance, so we all journeyed off there to meet the guests as they arrived before walking over to the church.

Jo’s mum lived just down the road from the church so Gaby walked over with them also which made for some relaxed and informal shots before the grand entrance at the church itself, Jo looked amazing as she made her way up the aisle and the service was very relaxed and joyful. We lucky enough that the church had a raised balcony and were able to ask Jo and Tom to pause as the made their way back up the aisle as husband and wife so we could photograph them surrounded by all their guests before taking them all outside for a line confetti shot and as the sun illuminated the whole church we stepped back to capture their guests congratulating them.

Once we had then photographed Jo and Tom’s requested group shots we had time for some romantic pictures of them with the church in the background before we took the short walk to the field next to the church for the marquee reception (decked out in a festival style complete with bouncy castle, face painting and a rope walk) leaving them to enjoy the wonderful meal and drinks.

Re-joining them for the speeches (as one of Tom ‘ushers was a stand-up comedian everyone was on the edge of their seats as to what he would say)all went well and as per normal we snuck the happy couple away for one or two romantic shoots of them against the setting sun.

Last but not least we returned for the cake cutting and first dance, Jo had by this stage changed into her dancing dress and light up dancing shoes and Tom’s was looking much more at home in flip flops and shorts. We wish them all the love in the world

GAB_7209GAB_7209 MJC_2770MJC_2770 MC1_8029MC1_8029 MC1_8163MC1_8163 MC1_8174MC1_8174 MC1_8197MC1_8197

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Rockingham Castle, The Wedding of Jo and James, 12th August 2017 This morning saw us speeding of to Rockingham Castle for the wedding of Jo and James, we had already had the pleasure of visiting the castle and grounds when we had shot their pre wedding session, so we already had one or two locations in mind for group shots and romantic images of them around the grounds, to say that we were looking forward to this wedding would be an understatement!

we stated the day both in the same location as the main wedding party had spent the night together in one of the recommended B+B, (such a great idea) so while Gaby spent the morning capturing Jo and her bridesmaids, I had the pleasure of photographing James and his brother in law (who had flown in from Australia to attend the wedding) as they went about they own preparations once both parties were complete and the short journey up the hill was completed.

As the guests arrived they were seated in the medieval great hall surrounded by painting and artifacts that date back to 1200,once the service was completed the guests were lead out through the ornate panel room and onto the lawn terrace for canapes and drinks, the light was amazing, so were able to mingle around the guests capturing the joy,love and laughter of the day.we then made our way to the cross and the rose gardens for groups shots before returning the party back to the Great hall for their meals.

Having refueled ourselves we rejoined the party for the speeches (so much emotion to capture in such a wonderful setting), we were then given the option to take James and Jo upstairs to the long room for some more shots of them together with their daughter (we can't thank the staff at Rockingham enough for this). James and Jo were also kind enough to allow us to walk with them around the grounds and gardens which allowed us to capture some romantic images of them as the setting sun cast a golden hue over the castle.

Returning back to the marquee just as their evening guests started to arrive we were then treated to a excellent display of dancing by all before the first dance, we again have to thank James and Jo for allowing us one final shot of them both kissing in front of the castle gates just to finish of the evening.



MJC_2074MJC_2074 MJC_2053MJC_2053 MJC_2072MJC_2072 MC1_7273MC1_7273

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Bedford Swan Hotel,The Wedding of Denis and Juliana, 5th August 2017 Today we were up bright and early for the wedding of Denis and Juliana at The Bedford Swan Hotel, after yesterdays wedding the weather had decided to take a turn for the worse drizzling all morning before really chucking it down just before the Groom and best man were due to leave the hotel of the registry office, all of a sudden the rain stopped and glorious sunshine streamed down on us as we left the hotel for the short walk across to the registry office, Gaby sadly didn't have the luxury of sitting in a warm cosy hotel and got a little wet to say the least whilst journeying around with the bride and er mother who had flown in from Brazil for the wedding.

The Groom and Bestman were joined at the registry office doors by guests that they had worked with in the oil industry from all around the world, the arrival of the bride looking beautiful in a classic wedding car started the service which was conducted with a wonderful mixture of love and fun which really summed these two up before we retired back to the Swan hotel for Group shots with the car (the driver we cant thank enough for his skillful positioning of the car on slightly wet grass).

once completed we wandered back to enjoy a relaxed meal and emotional speeches, the love that these two have is amazing and we could tell from the very first meeting that it will last a long time.


MC1_5954MC1_5954 GAB_4939GAB_4939

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Newstead Abbey, The Wedding of Katie and Simon, 4th August 2017 Today saw us speeding off in the old jalopy up to the ancestral home of Lord Byron, Newstead Abbey for the Wedding of Katie and Simon.

Katie was lucky enough to live in beautiful house in the the grounds of Newstead Abbey which had the added benefit of wandering peacocks (whose colorful plumage were to provide the colour theme of the day!).

We were blessed again by wonderful summer weather and a very photogenic couple. Katie, her bridesmaids and flower girl all had their hair and make up done at her parents home before they made the journey across to the Abbey,whilst Simon and his groomsmen attired themselves at their home before a small glass of liquid at the local watering hole.

As all their guests arrived with Simon and his cohorts ready and waiting to greet them, Katie was making her journey setting off in a fairy tale Cinderella carriage. The ceremony was carried out in the charming compact and richly decorated chapel.

As Katie and Simon went off for a little drive around the abbey ground their guests walked across to the family home to enjoy canapes and drinks on the lawn accompanied by a string duo.

Following the meal and speeches we were able to persuade Katie and Simon to take a small wander with us back towards the Abbey and lake for some romantic pictures on the golden evening light.

Just to round of the wonderful day what more could you ask for but a breathtaking firework display.


414_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017414_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017 457_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017457_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017 827_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017827_KATIE_SIMON_W04082017

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The Bridge Hotel, Thrapston, The Wedding of Fiona and Nick, 1st July 2017 Today saw us attending the Wedding of Fiona and Nick at St Peters Church, Irthlingborough. we had known Fiona and Nick as friends for many years and they are two of the loveliest people that you could ever wish meet meet and had been through a lot over the years, we were honored to be asked to photograph they big day.

Luck was on our side once again as the sun shone down on us yet again(in England, in the summertime!), Fiona and her bridesmaids looked beautiful and Nick scrubbed up well also!

We were able to capture all the tears and laughter inside (great songs- it must be love love love is still ringing in our heads and great singing from a acoustic set by their children) and outside the church before departing to the Bridge hotel for the evening reception.


you are both blessed with a wealth of friends and we wish you all the love in the world.

GAB_1443GAB_1443 MC1_3561MC1_3561 MC1_3574MC1_3574

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Kilworth House, The Wedding of Frances and Mark, 24th June 2017 Today we had the pleasure of attending the Wedding dinner of France and Mark at the wonderful Kilworth House, this was a slightly different day for us as Frances and Mark had already married in Italy earlier in the month but were having a celebratory dinner for the guests and family that were unable to attend the wedding itself.

We were blessed with a warm summer's day that really brought a smile to every ones face, We were able to just bland in to the back ground and capture the love and laughter of the day and also able to capture one or two group shots on the outside stairs which really capture the impressive hotel in the back ground.

Through the whole day we really got the impression that these two were made for each other wishing you both many happy years together. MJC_7774MJC_7774

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Plum Park Farm, The Wedding of Chloe and Jamie, 3rd June 2017 The month of June saw us attending the Summer wedding of Chloe and Jamie at St James the Great church in Paulerspury and the on to Plum Park Farm for their reception.

Chloe looked very elegant in her lace wedding dress from Silver Sixpence Bridal and really set the standard for the day. Her and her bridesmaids beauty was further enhanced by Kerstie  from Kirstie Ann Hair and Make up.

The Groom and his Groomsman had spent the morning adding the finishing touches to the Marquee and were soon suited,booted and ready to go, Jamie and his Bestman making the journey in a vintage MG roadster provided by a family friend.

The ceremony at the Church was beautiful and Chloe and Jamie were surrounded by so many friends and family all waiting to congratulate their love for each other, they then set of on their journey to Plum park farm in a vintage split screen VW camper van.

Drinks and canapes consumed we then set about the group shots starting with a group shot of everyone and then working down to just romantic shots of Chloe and Jamie before they made their entrance and settled down for the all important meals and speeches.

We then managed to steal Chloe and Jamie away for some more romantic picture of just the two of them in and around the gardens before returning them for the arrival of their evening guests and to join in the games around the marquee, lawn games and laser clay pigeon shooting for those inclined(which made for some interesting pictures), as the golden sun set we were able to persuade Chloe and Jamie to allow us one  more shot of them embracing with the setting sun behind them.

Morning suits provided by- Formal Tailoring Ltd

Flowers provided by - Judy Webb Florist

Marquee provided by - Eclipse Marquee Hire

Catering provided by - Clark Catering 

GAB_9858GAB_9858 MC1_2309MC1_2309 MC1_2305MC1_2305 MC1_2409MC1_2409

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Toseland in Concert, Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes, 13th April 2017  

We had the pleasure of attending the most excellent Toseland in concert at the Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes. As sports photographers for many years we had followed James Toseland as we went on to become double World Super bikes champion and we are sure like everyone else we were amazed by his performance playing the piano at the sports personality of the year show (talented guy we thought) we also were also delighted to hear that he married the beautiful Katie Melua and had formed his own band with her brother and they were touring the UK, off to sunny Milton Keynes we went.

What an incredible evening you guys were great!! DSCF7249DSCF7249 DSCF7328DSCF7328 DSCF7380DSCF7380 DSCF7425DSCF7425 DSCF8802DSCF8802

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Holiday Inn Rugby The Wedding of Sarah and Chris, 18th March 2017 Today saw us back into the swing of Weddings, with our first wedding of the year. Sarah and Chris were the brother and sister in law of the bride Sarah that we had photographed only in December 2016, so we were really excited to see the family again.

Sarah and Chris both had a shared passion for Rock music, Harry Potter, the Lord of the rings and Star Wars and they had made so many references to this in their wedding decor, they had also proved that what ever the weather threw at them they were unstoppable (as the pre wedding shoot proved as we all got soaked to the skin).


Sarah looked stunning in her lace dress from Stunning Bridal with and very intricate head band and Chris looked very dapper also, despite the weather looking ominous the rain stayed away and we were able to persuade Sarah and Chris outside for one or two romantic shots around the hotel combining their love of Star Wars and the season.

We thank you both for being so lovely to us and wish you all the love in the world!

GAB_6317GAB_6317 GC1_6851GC1_6851 MC1_9886MC1_9886 MC1_0023MC1_0023



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Venice look back, 1 st March 2017 Looking back through the images from our trip to Venice, we came across this image of the Italian Destroyer the Luigi Durand de la Penne docked in the basin of St Marks Square, with the more normal mode of transport in Venice moored in the foreground( we though that it made a different photo from the normal view). GAB12509-2GAB12509-2

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Pitsford Morning 24th January 2017 This morning saw us taking our normal morning walk down to Pitsford Water, so lucky to have this stunning location just on our doorsteps. Crisp and bright with a golden haze on the meadows are the words that come to mind, we were lucky to spot a Red Kite hunting for  pheasants in the Brynne Vineyards as we walked down to the water(we would return to see if success had been achieved). Cameras in hand we were lucky enough to capture the beauty of this area with some amazing light.

DSCF6582DSCF6582 DSCF6587DSCF6587 DSCF6590DSCF6590 DSCF6597DSCF6597 DSCF6609DSCF6609 DSCF6614DSCF6614 DSCF6630DSCF6630 DSCF6631DSCF6631 DSCF6632DSCF6632 DSCF6690DSCF6690 DSCF6718DSCF6718 DSCF6723DSCF6723 DSCF8312DSCF8312 DSCF8318DSCF8318 DSCF8324DSCF8324 DSCF8327DSCF8327 DSCF8338DSCF8338

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Paestum Wedding Italy, October 2016 The Month of October saw us taking a well earned rest in the Italian Rivera. Sorrento was our base for a couple of weeks and what a charmingly lovely place it is too.

we took in the sights of Pompaii (delightful,even in the rain) and the Amalfi drive ( scary even in the dry) and then set our sight slightly further afield with trips to the isle of Capri (heaven) and also onto the breath taking site of Paestum, whilst there we had the pleasure of photographing this lovely bride and groom amongst the astonishingly well preserved Greek temples. DSCF7889DSCF7889 GABY8093GABY8093 GABY8119GABY8119 GABY8135GABY8135

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The Bridge Hotel, The Wedding of Jade and Justin 28th December 2016 The 28th December 2016 saw us photographing the beautiful wedding of Jade and Justin at the Bridge hotel in Thrapston. We had only recently shot their pre wedding pictures at the Christmas Market in Birmingham and could tell that they were going to be a lot of fun on their big day.

The day of the wedding itself was one of those rare late winter cold but sunny days that you can only wish for. Gaby spent the morning capturing Jade and her bridesmaids preparations, whilst I spent the morning with Justin. On arrival at the Bridge hotel all guests were greeted by a glass of Ameretto and a cinnamon pastry.

The ceremony was beautiful with Jade making such an elegant bride. Afterwards all guests retired to the bar for Mulled wine and a wonderful singer to keep them entertained before they sat down to their meals and speeches. The late afternoon light streaming through the hotel window created some amazing images.

The speeches were delightful- the correct balance between comedy and love,and while the hotel staff transformed the room we took Jade and Justin outside for a spectacular sparkler exit from the hotel and then some romantic images of them in front of the illuminated hotel entrance. Thank you both so very much for braving the cold with us.

The evening was completed by Justin surprising Jade with his personal performance of singing Billy Joel's "She's always a woman to me" before their first dance! We wish you both all the happiness in the world. 695_JADE_JUSTIN_W281216695_JADE_JUSTIN_W281216 670_JADE_JUSTIN_W281216670_JADE_JUSTIN_W281216




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Dodford Manor, The Wedding of Sarah and Warren, 10th December 2016 Dodford Manor was the location for the Wedding of Sarah and Warren.

We had visited the venue a week before the big day to complete our normal recon in the slightly uncharacteristically bright December sunshine, Sadly the big day itself was foggy and rainy but we were not going to let that stop us from taking some amazing images, Sarah and Warren both braved the downpours and we can't thank them enough!

Wishing you many happy years to come!

Sarah looked spectacular in her dress from Shop for Brides,

Candice Fuller provided the sophisticated Make up

Nicola Higgs did a great job with Hair dressing,

Jenkinsons caterers provide the feast,

Hockleys cakes provided another masterpiece cake,

Pure Rhythm Disco provided the soundtrack

MC1_6683MC1_6683 GC1_5906GC1_5906



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Linton Zoo, Snow Leopards and other Big cats, 3rd December 2016 Saturday saw us taking a small photographic trip to capture images of the magnificent Snow Leopards at Linton Zoo in Cambridge.We were privileged to capture one or two of the other big cats they have there as well. Our thanks to all the passionate staff for their assistance.

GC1_5212GC1_5212 GC1_5218GC1_5218 GC1_5428GC1_5428 GC1_5582GC1_5582 MC1_5015MC1_5015 MC1_5018MC1_5018


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